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“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6M

Isle of Wight


Year 6 recently visited the Isle of Wight! Five whole days away from home and school!  We were incredibly lucky with the weather having only a couple of showers and lots of sunshine. We stayed at the East Dene centre in Bonchurch where we were able to take part in some amazing activities such as a muddy scramble course through the trees, teamwork activities in the woods, a huge walk along the highest point on the island, swimming, map reading activities and rockpooling. We had an absolutely wonderful time. The grounds at East Dene were so beautiful and varied that even our free time exploring was great fun. We would highly recommend the trip to the children who will be in Year 6 next year as it was a wonderful treat at the end of our busy year. 

Ancient Greece


Year 6 finished off their Topic about Ancient Greece with an afternoon of cooking and food tasting. Everyone was involved in making delicious tzatziki which we then ate with pitta bread and aubergine. The tzatziki was enjoyed by everyone but the olives and the squeaky halloumi cheese were not to everyone’s taste! 

Mouldy Food


Our Science topic is micro-organisms and we have been discussing the things we can do to reduce the risk of getting ill from micro-organisms.  We have learnt that mould is a micro-organism and grows on food. To observe the process of food decaying, we have set up an observational experiment. We chose the food in our group that we thought would decay first and will observe the micro-organisms growing over a period of time. 



We have been learning about yeast. Yeast is a living micro-organism. We have been discussing what all living things need to survive. As yeast is a living thing, it too needs all of these things. 


Our task was to investigate the optimum conditions that are needed for yeast to survive. In our experiment, we had to change the temperature of the water, to see which temperature caused the yeast to produce the most carbon dioxide. 

Lord Grey School Science Day


Last week, Jeffrey, Suzanne, Jacob and Reuben of Y6 attended a Science afternoon at Lord Grey School along with children from other schools in the Bletchley Schools Partnership. They took part in a range of scientific activities relating to solving a crime which gave them opportunities to develop a range of skills and use a range of equipment which they will get to use further at secondary school next year.  Pictured are Jeffrey using a microscope and Jacob in charge of a Bunsen burner. Thanks to the hard work of the children and the organisers at Lord Grey School, the culprit was identified. 



Greek Artefacts


This week we acted as Archaeologists to find some artefacts in the earth and used them to learn about life in Ancient Greece. In groups, we discussed the artefact in detail and questioned what we thought it was and what it could have been used for in Ancient Greece. This enabled us to use a primary source to learn about life in ancient times.

Year of Faith Mass – Year 6


On 10th October, over 200 Year 6 children from all Milton Keynes Catholic schools spent the day at Thornton College to celebrate the Year of Faith. They joined together in team-building games, prayerful activities and a picnic lunch. Fr. Simon Penhalligan led an assembly about the strength of faith and how to recognise our calling or vocation. In the afternoon, we celebrated Mass together when each school offered prayers and received a candle to represent the light that each of us must be during this special year.