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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4S

Easter Cracked

We enjoyed exploring the Easter story at St Andrew's church during our Easter Cracked session!

Ancient Maya

Year 4 had a fantastic day learning more about the Ancient Maya! We were able to taste chocolate, learn about their rituals and put together our own drama performance based on an aspect of their life!

Soundproofing Earmuffs

Working scientifically, the children made earmuffs from a variety of different materials to investigate which provides the best insulation against sound. They used cotton wool, tissue paper and plain paper, individually and at the same time, to find the best materials to create soundproofing earmuffs.


Recycle Right

To end our Geography sequence about the local landfill the children learnt about the recycling systems in our local area of Milton Keynes. They had great fun collaborating to sort a bag of rubbish into the correct types of waste disposal. The children were keen to find out about how they can recycle right and help look after our local environment.

Cooking Skills

The children had great fun learning new cooking skills such as creaming and beating a cake mixture. They used ingredients from a war time ration recipe to create some delicious cupcakes.

Digestive System

Year 4S had a great time getting their hands dirty and learning the functions of the different parts of the digestive system!

Grid Reference Activities

Building on their learning about grid references, from their trip to Campbell Park, the children in 4S used their skills to practise on the giant grid outside in our playground. They gave each other grid references to follow, identified the grid reference that their friends were standing on and followed instructions to a specific part of the grid.

Harvest Assembly

Well done to Year 4S on their class assembly about harvest! They have practised incredibly hard and we hope you all enjoyed it! They did an excellent job remembering all the songs and their lines. It was a great reminder to be grateful to God for everything we have.

All Living Things – Classification Keys

As part of their learning about all living things, Year 4S created their own classification keys. They worked in groups to create questions that would classify the living things in their given habitat.  They were very successful because of their collaboration skills and use of their prior learning.

Performance Poetry

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Year 4S had a go at some performance poetry. We watched some of their favourite performance poems and discussed what we liked about them. Then the children had the opportunity to create their own poems and perform them in front of the class. Some children made posters about their favourite poems!

Campbell Park

Year 4S had a great time on their trip to Campbell Park.  They learned how to read a compass and then applied this understanding, to a greater depth, when they had to navigate themselves based on a hand held compass. Year 4S also learnt about grid references and worked in pairs to figure out which grid reference they were in at various points around the park.