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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2TL

How do Chemicals and Plastics get into our Oceans?

On Science day we investigated how chemicals and plastic, which are left on land, can end up in the ocean.  We found out that the chemicals are sprayed onto the ground.  The rain then washes the chemicals and plastics into the ocean. These chemicals and plastics are then found in the sea creatures living in our oceans. 

Investigating Paints and Lines

We used several different paintbrushes to explore how we can change the thickness of our lines when we paint. As well as this we also used different types of paint to see if they had an effect on the thickness of the lines.  We loved drawing really big, thick lines and tiny, thin lines.

Dragon Medicine

Year 2TL received a strange, but wonderful, letter from the land of the dragons! The letter told us that we needed to write a set of instructions on how to make a magic medicine to wake all the sleeping dragons! We all worked very hard at writing our instructions using some very strange ingredients! All these strange ingredients were delivered to our class and we had to follow the instructions carefully to make the medicine. If it fizzed and bubbled then we had made it correctly. Can you see if we made it correctly or not?


No Pens Day

During No Pens Day we learnt that multiplication can be shown using arrays. We practised making arrays with counters and used them to find the answers to some tricky multiplication calculations.

Compass Work

Year 4B and Year 2TL worked together using directional language and compass points. Year 4 helped Year 2 to understand the language used and challenged them with instructions using compass points.


Year 2 Scientists

Year 2TL visited Linford Lakes Nature Reserve on 9th October. The children collected and identified a variety of mini-beasts which live in different habitats and discussed how each insect was adapted to the place where it was found. They went pond dipping and insect hunting, learnt how to identify types of trees and found out about the life-cycle of a plant. Great fun with great learning!