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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 1OD

Melting Ice

In Science we carried out an experiment to see how quickly ice melts in water. We wanted to answer the question: How can we slow down the melting of ice?

First we tested the temperature of the water and labelled each pot. Next we put an ice cube in each pot and set a timer to see how long each one would take to melt.

Our results were:

Warm water – 35 seconds

Room temperature water – 1 minute 13 seconds

Cold water – 2 minutes 15 seconds

We decided that the answer to our question was to put the ice cube in cold (or even icy) water to slow down the melting.

Cute Chicks

In Year One we have been looking after some baby chicks. Two weeks ago we had a delivery of 10 eggs. We had to keep them in an incubator so that they stayed warm and safe. After two days the chicks began to hatch right before our eyes. It was very exciting! They stayed in the incubator for 24 hours after they had hatched and then we moved them in pairs to the brooder box. In here they had food, water and a heat lamp. By the end of the first week, 8 of the eggs had hatched. For the second week we watched them grow and change. It was amazing how quick they grew and they even started to get feathers. We all got the chance to hold the chicks which we really enjoyed. They are so cute! We have had a great time learning about how to look after baby chicks and we hope that they enjoy their new life on the farm.

European Day of Languages

On Friday 25th September we celebrated European Day of Languages as a school. In our class we started by sharing what languages we all spoke. We were surprised to find out how many children spoke a different language at home! Just some of the languages in our class are Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian and Twi. As a class we then had a go at learning some Polish and singing some African songs that we loved to dance along to.


During our activity time, some of us decided to carry out a survey to find out which languages were spoken in our class; others created their own flags and some created bunting for our classroom. We had a great afternoon celebrating all of the languages in our class!