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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6M

Ancient Greece Reports

To summarise their learning about Ancient Greece over the half term, Year 6 have planned and written their own non-chronological reports about the topic. They had great fun remembering the learning we did in the half term and presenting it in the way they wanted. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the amount they have learnt and remembered!

Knife Crime Workshop

We had a visit from Katherine, from Hazard Alley, who taught us lots about knife crime and making safe choices in scenarios involving knifes. We had lots of discussion opportunities and learnt a lot about knife crime laws, possible consequences and how to keep ourselves safe, even if experiencing negative peer pressure.

Clay Pots

In our art lesson, we applied our clay skills to make our own Ancient Greek pottery. We used a mixture of slabbing and coiling, as well as using tools to engrave patterns, to make our pots. Once they are dry, we will paint them to look even better!

Mass and Adoration

To finish their RE topic, in which they have been learning all about the Eucharist, Year 6M attended Mass and Adoration at All Saints Church. They spent time in stillness and silence, enjoying being in the presence of Jesus.

British Museum

Year 6M were very fortunate to have a virtual visit from an expert at the British Museum this week. They learnt about some of the artefacts in the British Museum and designed their own Ancient Greek temple.

World Book Day

Year 6M all dressed up to show their love of books and reading on World Book Day. We started the day with a visit to our reception reading buddies where the children worked together to write and illustrate their own book. We then had a Kahoot quiz in class which involved a range of questions, ranging from characters in our class reader books to who has read the most books from the STA library.

Delicious Deli Sandwiches

Year 6 designed and made their own USA-style deli sandwiches in their DT work this half term. They then wrote up some very delicious-sounding recipes in their English lessons.

Old Testament Games

Year 6 worked in small groups to design and make a game to help people remember examples of each type of book in the Old Testament: the Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom and Historical.

Food Tasting

Year 6 tasted lots of different foods as part of their DT learning this half term. They will use this to help them design and then make their own deli sandwich.

Fruit And Vegetable Art

The children worked in groups to make a fruit face, inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s The Greengrocer. They will then use their drawing and colour mixing skills to draw their fruit faces as a still life.


Judaism Week

Mrs Elijah visited us to speak about Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the day of atonement). It was very interesting to learn about these two important Jewish events and the children were excellent at making links with their own faith and beliefs to Judaism.  

Macbeth’s Diary

Inspired by the performance from the Young Shakespeare Company, Year 6 have written a diary entry from Macbeth’s point of view. It was very interesting thinking about Macbeth’s thoughts and feelings at points of the story and they have produced some fantastic work!


In our current RE topic of Commitment we have been looking at the Sacrament of Ordination. We learnt about the process of Ordination and have understood the reasons for actions such as ‘laying prostrate’ and ‘anointing of hands’. Here are some examples of the great work that we produced.

Vocation and Commitment

In RE, Year 6 have begun their new topic of Vocation and Commitment. We have been learning about different types of missions and how we can live out our own missions in life.  Father Jithu came into school to talk to us about his vocation: the call to priesthood. It was really interesting to hear him talk about his own vocation and he gave wonderful advice on how we can best achieve a vocation that we all have - the call to be saints.

Our Virtue - Thankful

I am grateful for all I have and praise God for all he has given me.

We thought about being thankful. We stood up, to tell God that we were thankful for the gifts and talents that he has given us. 

The Rosary

Year 6 learned some interesting facts about the Rosary before praying the Rosary together.

- The Rosary is a meditative prayer based on scripture.

- The use of knotted prayer ropes goes back to the first monks in the 3rd and 4th centuries.

- The monks used to recite the 150 psalms from The Old Testament.

- The first part of the Hail Mary comes from Luke 1:28 when Angel Gabriel tells Mary the Lord is with      her.

- The second part comes from Luke 1:42 when Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth and Elizabeth tells         her she is blessed among women.


Year 6 enjoyed a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company, who staged a performance of Macbeth. It was so exciting to see Shakespeare’s characters come to life in front of us! The children are looking forward to using this learning in their English and History lessons later this term.

Reading Retrieval Skills

Year 6 have been practising retrieving information from a non-fiction text while researching Shakespeare. They used subheadings to help them predict where the information would be and used skim-reading to find the relevant information.

Shared Reading

Year 6M have already been supporting the younger children with their learning. They visited the reception class to share a book with them and to help them with their reading. It was lovely to see the way they were interacting with each other.

Place Value

Year 6M have been applying their knowledge of place value to crack a code. They had to use their understanding of the value of digits and also work clearly so that they could work out the answer. Well done, great teamwork was shown today!