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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Staff and Governors

All of our teaching staff are fully qualified teachers. For the year 2023 - 2024, the teachers will be with the following classes:


Year RT - Mrs Terrey

Year 1 - Miss Harrison

Year 2 - Mrs McCahill

Year 3 - Mrs Ramewal / Mrs Lobo

Year 4 - Miss Shone

Year 5B - Miss Brown

Year 5W - Miss Walsh

Year 6D - Mr Davies

Year 6M - Miss Mitchell

PPA Cover - Mrs Collins

PPA Cover - Mrs Kiczynska



Executive Head - Mr Mundy

Executive Deputy Head - Miss O'Loughlin

Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs Taylor-Law

Chaplaincy and RE Lead - Mrs Hackett

SENCO - Mrs Atherton

Office Manager - Mrs Del Grosso

Admin Officer - Mrs Foxall

Receptionist - Mrs Porelli

Site Manager - Mr Zeolla


All of the teachers are assisted by our fabulous teaching assistants:


Ms Bowles

Mrs Cintra Berti Lins

Mrs Colaco

Mrs Flood

Mrs Guina

Miss Hackett

Miss Hayes

Mrs Higgins

Ms Jeanne

Miss Kelly

Mrs Kennedy

Mrs Latus

Mrs Lobo

Mrs MacQueen

Mrs Pereira

Mrs Revell

Ms Rowe

Mrs Scott


None of our staff are union officials. 

None of our staff earn above £100K.

Our Governing Body:


Foundation Governor - Mrs C. Stormonth (Co-Chair)

Foundation Governor - Mrs M. Pearce (Co-Chair)

Foundation Governor - Mr S. Wheatley (Vice)

Foundation Governor - Mr V. Fernando 

Foundation Governor - Mrs R. Lawrence

Foundation Governor - Mr G. Palmiero

Associate Governor - Mrs N. Settle

Executive Headteacher - Mr R. Mundy

Parent Governor - Miss K. Szkuta

Parent Governor - Mrs S. Diamond

Teaching Staff Governor - Miss R. O'Loughlin

Teaching Staff Governor - Miss S. Macintyre (BP)

Local Authority Governor  - Mrs K. Kuzminska