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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6F


Year 6 had a fantastic few days at Caldecotte, trying a range of activities from rock climbing to archery! Whilst there, they worked really well together as a team and challenged themselves to try new things. What a lovely couple of days!


World Faith Day

For World Faith Day, Year 6 learnt all about Hinduism. Our pupil led meditation was fantastic! Year 6 then created posters about Hinduism, learnt about the concept of dharma (duty) and the significance of mandalas. In the afternoon, they worked with 6M to create a large mandala from coloured rice.


Well done to Year 6F who worked really hard creating their bags this term! They practised their sewing techniques, before then designing, making and evaluating their product.

Ancient Greece Display

6F have been learning about the different Gods and Goddesses’ in Ancient Greece. They created informative and eye-catching posters for their topic display board.

Ancient Greek Pots

This week we moulded sculptures of Greek pots and vases. These were fashioned into a variety of shapes and sizes and looked fantastic! We then painted these and added any finishing touches.

Tree Decorations

6F have been busy creating some beautiful decorations for our tree. We hope you like them!

Hairspray Dance

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this half term to choreograph and learn an energetic, high tempo song from Hairspray, ‘You can’t stop the beat’. The class worked together well to put on a fantastic dance performance.  It was amazing- well done!

Diary Entries

Well done to Year 6F who have written some fantastic diary entries, based on Macbeth! They worked hard to include all aspects of the success criteria and used a range of excellent vocabulary and sentence styles – keep up the good work!

Advent Expectations

Advent means coming or arrival. It reminds us of the anticipation and expectation over hundreds of years by the people of Israel for their Messiah and Promised One. We wait in expectation for the coming of Jesus. On leaves we wrote what we expected of ourselves and what God expects from us during our Advent journey. We formed a class wreath of joyful expectation.

No Pens Day

Today Year 6F enjoyed a range of activities for No Pens Day! In English, we have explored the feelings of characters in Macbeth through role play and in Maths we completed a fractions investigation where we had to think carefully about how we can make equal parts. In the afternoon, the class created beautiful paintings based on remembrance and before finishing the day, we watched the class debate the notion ‘Animals should not be kept in captivity’. Both classes were fantastic which resulted in a tie! What an amazing day!

Alarm System

Using our designs and our knowledge of circuits, conductors and insulators, we designed and created a switch to an alarm system. We had a fun afternoon and learned lots!

Praying the Rosary

Mrs Guina spoke to the class today in the chapel to teach us how to pray the Rosary and why it is important. It was a special time that allowed us to reflect and have some quiet time with God.


Father Christopher visited us to talk to us about his vocation, his commitment to serve others and about his life as our parish priest.

European Day of Languages

On Friday, we celebrated European Day of Languages by creating some fantastic art work. They worked hard to recreate different flags, using a range of art resources. Well done!


After reading the scripture together, we discussed the ways in which God loves us and shows us his goodness and unconditional love. We listened to music and reflected on the ways God shows his love and how we can show love to others. The hearts represent the ideas we came up with.

Shakespeare Retrieval Treasure Hunt

In Year 6, we practised our reading skills through participating in a treasure hunt. We had to retrieve as much information to answer twenty two questions all about William Shakespeare, Elizabethan theatre and some of Shakespeare’s best work!