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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 1L


To finish our Pirate topic, we went to play Pirate golf! It was so much fun. We had to tackle 18 pirate themed golf holes, pull ourselves over shark infested waters and escape from the shipwreck! We also got to dress as pirates.

Woburn Safari Park

Year 1 had a great trip to Woburn Safari Park. We saw lots of animals including rhino, elephants and camels – we even went through the monkey part and the bus was not damaged!  We were able to touch cheetah and zebra skins and snake scales. We also saw peacock feathers and got to touch a real snake!  After lunch we saw the penguins and lemurs and then we watched the bird show. It was a brilliant day!

World Book Day

Today we had our World Book Day! We all came dressed up as different characters and met the author of the 64 Zoo Lane books, An Vrombaut! During our workshop with An Vrombaut, we made a giraffe with a 21 metre long neck! In Literacy, we predicted what would happen next in The Egg book by M.P Robertson. After lunch we made book marks and took part in book searching games. To end a great day, Mrs McCormick read us a story!

Shoebox Habitats

We have been learning about the habitats of different animals from around the World. We used different materials from around the school to make our shoebox habitats.


For Science week we have been given the topic 'Living things and their habitats'.  As part of this, we went pond dipping in the secret garden to see what animals lived there. We spoke about being safe near the pond and how to treat the animals we found. We then used nets to gather animals from the pond and put them into a tray to observe and identify. When we went back to the classroom, we used microscopes to observe them even closer.

Moon Landing Assembly

Today we performed our class assembly about the first moon landing. We used our knowledge about the great race to space to tell the school of the build up to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. We had a family from 1969, news reporters, scientists, narrators and of course our astronauts!


Today, we went outside to do our Maths as we have been learning about measuring length. We decided to predict whether something is longer or shorter than a metre stick. We then measured the object to see if we were right.

Judaism: Moses Leads the Jewish People to Freedom

As part of Judaism week, Mrs Elijah visited us and taught us the story of Moses and the 10 commandments. Later in the week we talked about how the Jewish people fled Egypt with Moses. We created our own Jews and put a collage together of the Jews leaving Egypt.

Problem Solving in Maths

We have been using our number bonds to 10 and 20 to solve a problem! Our problem was: All the dots have fallen off two toadstools. How many different ways can you put them back on?  Here are some of the ways we found to put the dots back on.

Trip to Wendover Woods

On the 10th October 2016 Year 1 went to Wendover Woods. We had a great time exploring different trails to find the Gruffalo! We then made dens using lots of different materials. It was a great day, finished off with a trip to the park.

Local Area Walk

Year 1L went for a walk around our local area. We walked past the shops near our school, and went all the way to St Andrews Baptist Church. During our walk we had to tick off or write landmarks that we saw, such as houses, shops and the church. We then talked about physical and human geography, exploring whether we would see more physical geography at Wendover Woods.