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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4

String Telephones

As part of our sound topic in science, the children made string telephones to explore how they could change the volume of a sound and consider how distance can impact the volume of a sound. They quickly realised that their voices were louder over the string telephone!

Bletchley Park

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Bletchley Park where they participated in a workshop about how Careless talk costs lives, had a guided tour of the mansion and huts and then got to explore other parts of the museum too! They got to try on clothes from jobs in World War 2, weigh out sweets for rationing, adapt to blackout conditions by being blindfolded and even got to try breaking codes. We learned lots and understood more about how our local area, Bletchley, was so significant in World War 2!

Rationing Cakes

During this half term, the children in Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn food preparation skills to make cakes. They made their cakes using ingredients that would have been available during rationing, which linked to our World War 2 history topic. The children practised skills of mixing and beating ingredients together as well as selecting their chosen ingredients to make their final cake.

The Torah

Year 4 really enjoyed having Mrs Elijah teach us about the Torah during Judaism week. They loved getting to see replicas of the Torah as well as the Arc that it is kept in. The children learnt about how Torahs are made and how they are shown respect by Jewish people.


To conclude our RE topic on Belonging, the children had time to respond to what they have learnt and celebrate belonging and being chosen by God. The children chose to go to the school chapel for this celebration. In pairs, they wrote prayers of thankfulness for belonging and thought about how they could respond to being chosen by God. They decided to pass around a cross to symbolise each of them belonging to God and remembered our school mission statement, ‘I have called you by your name, you are mine’ Isaiah 43:1. After reading a piece of scripture each, the children reflected on how they could go forth with the Holy Spirit. 

Remembrance Assembly

Year 4 worked incredibly hard over the past few weeks to prepare for their Remembrance assembly. They did an excellent job remembering all their lines and their songs. It was a great way to remember what happened in World War II as well as having a time of remembrance for those who have lost their lives.

Digestive System

Year 4 had a great time getting their hands dirty and learning about the function of the different parts of the digestive system! They made their own model of the digestive system.   The children used a plastic bag to represent the stomach, water to represent saliva and stomach acid and some tights to represent the small and large intestines.  It was quite messy and a lot of fun!

The Rosary

In their class worship, Year 4 learnt about the Rosary and the Month of Mary. The children wrote a prayer for Mary and learnt all the prayers in the Rosary. As a class, they prayed one decade of the Rosary together including the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be.

Invertebrates Hunt

Year 4 had a great afternoon exploring the playground to look for invertebrates as part of their science topic - All Living Things and Their Habitats! The children explored under rocks, in the grass and within hedges to uncover living things in the local habitat. They used a classification key and photographs to identify and classify the invertebrates that they discovered.