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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1


Our Learning Sequence


In the early years the focus in art is for children to be able to experiment with media and materials, while finding out about their properties and modifying and manipulating them. This includes exploration of sounds, patterns, movement and different tools and techniques. It is also about allowing children to build and expand on their experiences of the real world.


In Key Stage 1, the aim is for children to be given first - hand experiences at using a variety of different materials and resources. Children will have the opportunity to experiment and be creative with their own ideas whilst teaching them the basic skills needed to progress. This includes learning to apply tone and texture to their work, as well as mixing colours with different resources and sculpting with simple materials such as paper. It aims to teach children about a selection of different artists, who use varying different mediums and resources within their work. This also includes work from different countries and cultures.


In Key Stage 2, the focus is primarily on building and developing the skills taught in Key Stage 1. Children will keep a sketchbook for each unit of work, which will show their progression of skills. Children will learn to sketch and refine their ideas, developing skill with textures, patterns, and shapes, while learning to use new materials such as clay for sculpting. Another aim is for children to be able to critique other artists work as well as compare work from others to their own, using appropriate visual language.


At St. Thomas Aquinas, the sequence of learning for art is;


  • Explore
  • Create
  • Evaluate


Explore looks at different artists work, allowing children to discover new ideas and how to use different resources and materials. Children will identify and collect information about the artist and their work.


Create allows children a chance to have a go at creating something of their own or similar to that of an artist’s work. In KS2 this stage of the sequence also allows children the chance to practice and tone up their own skills and control within art.


Evaluate teaches the children how to effectively analyse and compare their own work to that of another artists, as well as discussing what worked well and what could be improved on for next time.


In KS2, children create a sketchbook to go inside their topic books alongside their final piece of work/photo of work. This shows the children’s progression of skills throughout the unit and allows them the chance to reflect on their own work.


Lessons are taught in line with planning, every other half term. Each unit will look at a different artist and focus on teaching/building on a new skill. Skills taught are taken from the learning objectives for each year group, to ensure progression of skills throughout the school.