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“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Houses Day



Houses Day 2013 took place in the middle of a really hot spell of weather. We started the day with a knot-untying competition, a darts competition, a shouting competition a spelling bee and the presentation of this year's brilliant house art work. This was then followed by the KS1 quiz and the KS2 quiz while house games took place in class.


2013's was the biggest, longest, messiest and hottest Apache Relay to date! It was another very close race and each of the four teams was winning at one stage! St. David's were the Apache Relay winners and Overall House Champions in 2013.


To see the video of this year's Apache Relay, won by St. Andrew, click here: 2012 Apache Relay video


On Friday 17th June, we held our first ever Houses Day. It was a phenomenal success. It was a house colour mufti day so the school was awash with colour. Everything children did on the day earned points for their house. The day started in the hall with a whole school assembly during which children and staff competed in speedstacking competitions, pea transferring competitions and shouting competitions. The children were also able to see their house plaque, which everyone had contributed to in some way, for the first time. It was a lively and loud start to the morning!


After the assembly children went back to their own classes to compete for house points while the rest of the long awaited Apache Relay was set up. The Apache Relay is an enormous relay race in which all members of every house have to complete an event and pass on a baton to their next house member. This year there were 58 events and the whole race took 59 minutes to complete! The events ranged from simple sprints to eating donuts without using their hands and setting up chess boards. Some children had to do a roly-poly relay and others had to find countries on the world map or pop water balloons on their heads. It was great fun! The race was incredibly close and Kaine of St. George beat Aaron of St. Andrew in a sprint finish to the line.


In the afternoon, when it was raining, children were in the hall competing in either the KS1 quiz or the KS2 quiz. There were different winners for each event and all of the points were added to each team's grand total. When the scores were added up at the end of the day, the eventual winners were announced and St. George was announced as the winning house. The final scores at the end of an amazing day were:


St. George 1160
St. David 1043
St. Andrew 1021
St. Patrick 996