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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4B

World Faith Day

On World Faith Day, Year 4 were lucky enough to have Mrs Ramewal come and teach us about Sikhism. It was very interesting and we found lots of similarities with Christianity. We learnt about the Sikh place of worship, the Gurdwara, and also their Holy Book.


Year 4 have been learning the guitar as part of their music lessons this year. They have worked really hard and to show off their skills, they performed for Year 3 who were a very supportive audience!


Year 4 had a fun time during their Anglo-Saxon afternoon! We learnt about the food the Anglo-Saxons might have eaten and then had a go at making honey shortbread which was delicious! After that, we made and painted our own Anglo-Saxon shields. We have really enjoyed learning all about the Anglo Saxons.

Water Cycle

We have been learning about the water cycle in our Science lessons. Today, we made our own water cycles in bags. By taping them to the window, we are hoping that the heat from the sun will cause the water to evaporate and then condense in the bag to demonstrate the water cycle.

Anglo-Saxon Amulets

In Art this half term we have been looking at Anglo-Saxon amulets. We explored a variety of them so we could work out what they were made from and why they were used. We then designed our own, made a prototype using playdoh and finally made our own using air-dry clay. We had a lot of fun and hope you like our finished product!

Fizzy Drinks Investigation

In Science, we did an observational fair test to see which fizzy drink had the most carbon dioxide in it. We measured out different drinks, shook them for the same amount of time so they lost some of their fizz and weighed them again. Sprite had the most gas in it!


We had great fun doing different activities to raise money for Sepo. We decorated eggs and did some egg rolling, guessed the name of the teddy bear and also played the generation game!

Science – Melting

On Thursday we learnt about melting. In our investigation, we added a yellow ice cube and a blue ice cube to warm water, which turned the water green!

Easter Cracked

Year 4 had a great time taking part in the Bridgebuilder Trust, Easter Cracked event. We got to listen to some eye witness accounts about what happened to Jesus during Holy Week and we did lots of fun activities too like making palm leaves and thinking about how we could be a good friend to others.

Cake Making

This half term we have been learning about wartime Britain, we designed, created and evaluated a cake that would have been appropriate at the time. We designed several cake recipes, thinking about the taste, texture and appearance. We used our knowledge of food to select flavours that complemented each other well. Once we had chosen our best idea, we made our cakes. We had so much fun adding our ingredients to the sponge mixture and seeing how well they turned out. They were very tasty!

Evacuee Day

Year 4 had a great time on their Evacuee Day on Tuesday. Everyone looked great in their costumes and were ready to be evacuated! We had another online session with RAF Hendon where we learned about what Christmas was like during the War. The children then learnt more about the evacuee experience and what it would have been like to be evacuated. We even had a pretend air raid!

Practising Cake Making Skills

We looked at the basic wartime recipe for a sponge cake and discussed the utensils and skills required to make the cake. We practised the skills of beating, creaming and mixing to make a sponge cake.

No Pens Day

We had a great time during No Pens Day! We did lots of different activities including calculator work in Maths, making a Remembrance wreath in RE, a class debate in the afternoon and made lots of mess creating the digestive system in Science!

Campbell Park

Year 4 had a great time in Campbell Park, learning about orienteering. We learnt how to use a compass and used them to navigate ourselves from the cricket pavilion to the beacon on top of Campbell Park Hill!

Compass Work

We had lots of fun going outside and using chalk to draw our own compasses. We recapped what we knew about 4 point and 8 point compasses. Using these directions we had to try and direct each other across a grid.

Leaf Printing

In art this half term we have been looking at how to use pencil and colour to draw autumn leaves. We have also created some artwork using printing. We chose our best leaf drawing and transferred it on to a printing tile. We then used ink to create a print. It was great fun learning how to print!

Diamond Nine

Our Values slot this half term is fairness. As a class, we discussed what we think it means to be fair. Working in groups, we then created our own Diamond Nine to show which statements we thought were fair and which were not. We did not think it would be very fair for everyone to bring in their own toys from home and then share them round equally!