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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1


At St. Thomas Aquinas we celebrate and encourage a love of all Languages, even though our main focus is Spanish.


The teaching of Spanish is well-established at St. Thomas Aquinas and we are lucky enough to have links with a Spanish school. This means that some of the older children have Spanish pen pals allowing them to test out their language skills and to understand more about Spanish culture.


Every child in the school learns Spanish and we use our own scheme of work. As well as our weekly sessions which are outlined in more detail below, we aim to embed some simple Spanish into the school day. This could be as simple taking the register or the reading of common signs around school.


Children in Key Stage 1 have one twenty minute session of Spanish per week. Lessons are lively and the focus is on developing speaking and listening skills. Many games, songs, rhymes and actions are used to help children learn. The learning is based on simple topics such as greetings, numbers, colours, fruits, simple body parts and the names of some animals.


Children in Key Stage 2 have 1 forty minute session on Spanish per week. As children move through the school we begin to spend more time developing their ability to read and write in Spanish. They learn some simple rules of grammar and should, by the end of Year 6, be able to construct sentences of their own on a wide variety of topics including food and drink, life at school, family members, places around the town and sports.