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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2G

Making Dreams

In Year 2 we have been busy reading lots of Roald Dahl books. This week we have been learning all about the BFG. We wrote our own dream journeys and created an instructional text on how to create that dream. We then followed our instructions to build our dream and catch it inside our dream bottles. Some added blue tissue to represent the ocean, or pink tissue for the colour of the mermaid’s hair. Others added the sound of drums beating or the smell of fresh donuts. Finally, we sprinkled our dreams with some magic dream dust and created our labels.

Roald Dahl Museum

On Tuesday we visited the Roald Dahl Museum. We were shown: a real BFG dream trumpet, walked through the James’ giant peach, saw how cameras were used to shrink Mike TV in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we even got to create Mr Twit’s disgusting beard.

Tudor Day

Today, Year 2 had a whole day celebrating and learning more about the Tudors. We made some Tudor bread in the morning. In the afternoon we had a royal banquet. We were able to taste some meats, cheese and exotic fruits. We even got to try some pottage, which is what the poor Tudors ate. We liked the bread the most as it was very sweet and filling. We followed our banquet with some Tudor style entertainment, dancing! We learnt a Tudor style dance and performed it in our classroom.

Tudors Assembly

Year 2 have absolutely loved learning about the Tudors. They have enjoyed creating the Tudor family tree, learning about the ex-wives’ stories and are excited to find out all about Queen Elizabeth I and her achievements. They have practised incredibly hard for their class assembly and we hope you all enjoyed it!

Science Day

Today, we had a whole day dedicated to SCIENCE!  We learnt about Earth and Space and made our creatures which could survive on Mars. We then carried out an investigation to answer the question- ‘Which chemicals react with copper to alter a coin's appearance?’  


We also had a very exciting visit from Chris the Scientist who taught us lots of different facts about Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Synagogue Visit

On Wednesday 17th November, Year 2 visited a local synagogue. We learnt about the special objects inside a synagogue, how to play a typical Jewish game and how to sing a Jewish song in Hebrew.

Planting Seeds

We have been investigating what plants need in order to survive. We planted some seeds and placed them in different conditions. Some had access to water and sunlight, some did not. We noticed that the plants with water and sunlight were healthy and thick. The ones without water and sunlight were pale, thin and very unhealthy.


Linford Lakes.

Year 2G went on their first school trip, on Tuesday 5th October. We were very excited to travel on a coach with our friends all the way to Linford Lakes. When we arrived we went on a mini-beast hunt where we managed to find a sleeping newt under a log. After that, we went pond dipping and we discovered lots of creatures which live in ponds; we used a magnifying glass to identify them. Before having our picnic lunch, we walked in the woods and spotted some other habitats, including woodlands, hedgerows and grasslands. In the grasslands habitat, we found a jumping frog.