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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6M

The British Museum

We made the long trip to London where we visited the British Museum. It was really exciting to be able to see some of the artefacts we have been learning about in our Ancient Greece topic.

Science Day

We had great fun on Science Day. We continued our learning about evolution and inheritance by looking at animal adaptations on the laptops and then carried out an experiment to find out about Charles Darwin’s research on finches. It was great to be visited by Tesla, and had fun going outside to test our class volcano.


We practised the following skills in our art lesson: making a pinch pot, making slick, joining two pieces of clay correctly and shaping clay.  We are looking forward to applying these skills when we make our pots later as part of our Ancient Greece topic.



To celebrate Epiphany - The Feast of the Thee Kings - we thought about who Jesus is. The children then presented their ideas about Jesus in a word cloud and tried to link their ideas to scripture.

No Pens Day

The children had a really enjoyable and busy day on No Pens Day. They did collage and print-making linked with Macbeth, before participating in some very interesting P4C where they discussed the quotation: “What’s done cannot be undone”. In the afternoon the children watched debates from all classes in KS2 – well done to all who took part, your hard work paid off!

First Aid

Year 6 were visited by Claire from St John’s Ambulance and learnt about emergency first aid. They learnt about DRSABC and how to put an unconscious, breathing casualty into the recovery position. What a useful skill to learn!


This half term Year 6 have been learning about basketball with Coach Lloyd from St Paul’s School. The children have really enjoyed developing their basketball skills and have worked well in teams.

October – Month of the Rosary

As it is now the month of the Rosary, the children learnt about the Luminous Mysteries. They worked in a group to produce a poster about one of the Mysteries; encouraging reflections and prayers.

Terrific Trifles

The children had some great fun making some terrific trifles this morning. Linking to our topic work on Shakespearean England, the children made their own Elizabethan-inspired trifle. They used lots of delicious ingredients and most children enjoyed their creations!

Macbeth – Young Shakespeare Company

The children were very lucky to be visited by the Young Shakespeare Company who did a performance of Macbeth. The children were involved in the performance; creating the atmosphere and working out the meaning of some of the Shakespearean language.

European Day of Languages

On European Day of Languages Year 6 worked in groups to research different countries using the laptops. They then created posters to teach the rest of the class about their country. They were also lucky enough to see paella being made and even got to taste some!

Making Circuits

To begin their DT project of making an alarm, the children have been exploring switches. The children made a simple circuit before swapping in pre-made switches and then had a go at making their own switches from basic equipment.