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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1


We believe that mathematics is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. We aim to provide high-quality mathematics education to enable the children in our care to have a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.


Our aims for mathematics, at St Thomas Aquinas, is to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the basics of mathematics, including frequent practice applying this knowledge to given problems. We believe this will allow the pupils to develop conceptual understanding and for them to have the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.


We also want our pupils to be “mathematical investigators”, giving them the skills to follow a line of enquiry, recognising relationships, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language. We encourage this by setting challenging problems that encourage students to be creative and to discuss and evaluate their mathematics.  


The methods used in Maths can be found in the STA Maths Methods area of our website.