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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 5B


We had some electronic specialists visit us today to introduce us to Crumble – a component that you make a circuit with and programme with a computer. We had great fun and enjoyed the challenge of programming a light to work using different colours.


St Paul’s Secondary School visited Year 5 to talk to them about e-safety. The assembly reminded children about what they should and should not post online and how to respond to messages that are hurtful. As well as this, they looked at what they should do if they received a message trying to get money or information from them.

St Cassian's

Year 5 had a great time at St Cassian’s! We did all sorts of activities like low-ropes, climbing, a treasure hunt, den building and there was also time for football outside! We enjoyed getting to learn more about ourselves, God and our friends. It was such a special time together; we have lots of memories to take away with us.

Passion Assembly

Year 5B performed fantastically for our end of term Passion Assembly. They should be incredibly proud of the hard work they did learning their lines and songs. The performance represented the end of Jesus’ life up to Good Friday, in a beautiful way – well done!

Layers of the Rainforest

This week, children have been learning about layers of the rainforest. In our English lessons, we used this knowledge to write our own explanation reports about this. We think they have turned out really well!

Viking Oat Cakes

Our DT project this half term has been to design and make a Viking oat cake based on a Viking/Anglo-Saxon recipe and seasonal fruits that the Vikings would have had. We used lots of different cooking skills such as chopping, peeling, mixing and rubbing. We made our dough, cooked the cakes and then decorated them with our chosen fruit.

Fruit Preparation

In preparation for making our Viking oat cakes, we practised cutting and peeling different fruit. We ensured that we were being safe with the different utensils and we tried the fruits too. A lot of us had not eaten cherries before and really enjoyed them!

Stitching Skills

Using the stitches skills we learnt this half term, we created our patterns to make our phone cases. We stitched the sides using running or blanket stitch, added a button and then decorated in our chosen design. We had great fun!

Ancient Egyptian Day

On Monday, Year 5 had their Ancient Egyptian Day to celebrate the end of their topic. The children took part in lots of different practical activities from making canopic jars to decorating amulets as well as preparing a song or drama for a feast at the end of the day. They all had a great time!

Death Masks

In art, we have been studying Ancient Egyptian death masks. For our final product, we made death masks out of clay. We think we did a really good job!

Insulator Investigation

In Science, we have been learning about the properties of materials. We have learnt about conductors and insulators. We investigated what material would be the best insulator for the lining of a lunchbox. We used lots of different materials and conducted a fair test. It was great fun!

Exploring Properties

Using different materials, we conducted five different investigations to explore their properties. We looked at whether the materials were magnetic, permeable, translucent, their durability and also their flexibility.