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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2

Making Bags

We have spent this half term evaluating lots of different bags and designing a bag that would carry a letter. We have spent time making our bags out of felt. We have learnt what a running stich is and used this method to sew our bags. Then, we sewed on a button and cut a hole to make a fastening for our bags. We worked so hard with our sewing and had so much fun!


After learning all about telephones, we had a go at making a string telephone. It was so much fun having conversations across the playground.

The Enormous Crocodile Story

In English this half term, we have been reading lots of different Roald Dahl stories. One of the stories we have read is The Enormous Crocodile. We have loved reading this story and using great expanded noun phrases to describe the animals. We wrote our own Enormous Crocodile stories and here are some of them. They were all amazing, well-done Year 2!

May the Month of Mary

During the month of May, we think about Our Lady, Mary. We wrote prayers asking Mary to be with us and for her to intercede for us.

Water Safety

The school was very fortunate to have an assembly on water safety which was presented by the Canals and Water River Trust Team. They spoke about how we can be safe near water and shared with us the acronym ‘SAFE’ – STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE.

Religious Education

We finished our R.E topic ‘Jesus’ Resurrection’ by learning about the different reactions of different people when they realised that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, but he had risen from the dead. 

Painting Tudor Roses

We have completed our Tudor Roses by painting them the traditional colours of red, white and green. We are really pleased with how they look!

PE - Gymnastics

In PE, we have been learning a variety of shapes, balances, rolls and jumps. We started looking at the different shapes we could make with our body such as squat, dish, straight, pike and star. We then learnt how to hold balances such as stork, arch and tuck. We also learnt a variety of jumps: straight, star, tuck, bunny hops and rolls: log, egg and dish/arch. With all these skills, we put together sequences, practised and demonstrated these to the class. We have had so much fun learning gymnastics.

Letter Writing

In English, we have been learning about informal and formal letters. We have learnt what features need to be included in letters. We have also learnt about what types of homes, clothes and food the Tudors had, so we wrote our letters to Queen Elizabeth I asking for a job at her magnificent palace. Here are some examples.

Clay Tudor Rose

In Art, we made our own Tudor Rose. Firstly, we created the shapes we needed. Next, we scored the clay and added slip to attach the pieces together. Finally, we added slip to smooth the clay and scored lines on the leaves. We had so much fun! Next, we have to paint them!

Sepo Day

As part of our Lenten promise to fast, pray and give, the entire school took part in raising funds for Sepo. Children donated toys and books, which were sold by the Mini Vinnies, and participated in different activities hosted by different classes. Our class hosted the chocolate tombola - we all won some sweet treats. The finale was dancing the Jerusalema which we all enjoyed.

Religions In The World

During the whole school assembly, we learnt about other religions in the world. We learnt that all religions need to be respected and that different religions are different routes that lead to the same destination. We spoke about the key message of Buddhism and the similarities of the Buddhist teachings to that of the Catholic faith. Children then wrote what they learnt about Buddhism.

Clay Practice

In Art, we are making a Tudor rose. We spent the session using the clay to make different shapes and learnt how to attach two pieces of clay together. We have learnt that you must score the clay and use a slip as a bonding agent. The slip was very messy as it is clay that has the same consistency as yoghurt. We created circles and leaf shapes ready to create our own Tudor Rose. It was great fun!

Sepo Sale

Year 2 children were very excited to buy gifts for the special women in their lives and to help raise funds for SEPO by doing so.

World Book Day

We have had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day. We read stories, we were read to by different teachers, we spent time with our reading buddies and created lots of wonderful things. We have made paper dolls, inspired by Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. We have created our own hats from Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. We have written book reviews and designed front covers of our favourite book. It was a great day!


Tudor Timeline

We have started our History topic, which is the Tudors, and will be specifically looking at Elizabeth I.

We have thought where the Tudors fit into history and then created a Tudor timeline, looking at all the monarchs. It was lots of fun, working out who was who!

Class Assembly

Our assembly this year was about Shark Lady, Eugenie Clark, who was an amazing, inspirational scientist. She loved sharks and followed her dreams of looking after and teaching sharks, but also making people aware that they are beautiful creatures. We had so much fun performing it to the school and our parents.


St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

We have had a great day celebrating St Thomas Aquinas. The day started with a lovely Mass. We then learnt some facts about him for our work and created a piece of artwork as a class, relating to the quote below. We also enjoyed class games and cake!

“The light of faith makes us see what we believe.” St Thomas Aquinas

Diving Diaries

We have been reading ‘Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary’ by Simon Bartram as part of our learning in English. We have learnt the features of a diary and have written some of our own versions, imagining we were diving with Dougal.

Human and Physical Features

Year 2 have been learning about human and physical features in Geography, in our topic of Oceans and Coasts. After we had learnt what these terms meant, we worked in groups to decide if something was a physical feature or a human feature.


Year 2 re-enacted a Baptism today. We looked at the special objects used such as the candle, oil, holy water and certificate. We also looked at the special people involved, focussing on the Priest and Godparents.


We have been looking at Monet’s paintings, in particular ‘The Bridge in Giverny’. We looked at the detail which went into creating the water and the lily pads. This week we have been creating our own ‘Bridge in Giverny’. We used pointillism to create the water lily background and then added a bridge.

Van Gogh

In Art we have been learning about Van Gogh. We have been looking at the shape of his sunflowers, the petals and colours. We noticed that he used colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel. This really helps the sunflowers to stand out against the background.  Today we used chalk to create the different styles of sunflowers Van Gogh used with his paintings.