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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 5D

Meditation - Fruits of the Spirit

Since being back in school after Easter, we have been thinking about the gift of the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent down to us after his ascension into heaven. During meditation, 5D made their own ‘fruits’ of the spirit to display on our tree in the chapel, which show us all of the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us.

DT – Sawing and Joining Wood

Today in design and technology, 5D were looking at the different ways that we can join pieces of wood together. Everyone in class was given two pieces of wood which they needed to measure and saw using the hacksaws. They then had to create triangle joints to make a square.

Drama - The Explorer

On Thursday, 5D took on the roles of characters from our class book 'The Explorer' in a series of different scenarios. For each scene, the people in the group would pick a random character to play and then think about the way their chosen character would behave in that situation. After just a couple of minutes of preparation, they performed their scenes to the rest of the class. 

Science – Air Resistance

As part of our forces topic we have looked at air resistance. On Friday, we took part in a group investigation to demonstrate air resistance happening by creating a parachute. We were able to choose our own materials and design and then test the parachutes to see which worked best.

Advent Wreaths

Advent is a time to remember God’s promise to send a Messiah. It is about waiting in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. During the four weeks of Advent, we use many different ways of reminding ourselves what it is that we are waiting for. We made an Advent wreath to show that we are waiting in joyful hope for Jesus.

Ancient Egyptian Day

Today, 5D celebrated Ancient Egyptian Day! Everyone made a fantastic effort with their costumes. It was lovely to see a variety of pharaohs, Gods, Goddesses, mummies and even a few archaeologists. We started off the day by cracking some hieroglyphic clues that the God of Wisdom, Thoth, had left for us around the path. These clues helped us solve the mystery of the missing treasure.


5D then learnt a new Ancient Egyptian themed song, which was all about making mummies. We then had a go at making a mummy ourselves! The children were each given an apple, which they carved and covered in salt, in the hope that this will preserve the apples over the coming weeks. We finished off our day by making our own death masks, which used the self-portrait skills we have been developing in our art lessons so far this year. 


Thank you to the parents for the brilliant effort that went into every child’s costume today.