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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3CO

Marshmallow Structures

Volcanic Eruptions

Today we have been hunting out the effects of volcanic eruptions. We then sorted them into positive and negative effects.

Drawing Lines

Today we went outside to practise drawing a variety of lines to the nearest cm and mm. These lines were either horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parallel or perpendicular.

Measuring Liquids

Today we went outside and had a go at measuring different volumes of liquids.  We then ordered them in size from smallest to largest.

Deaf Awareness

As part of our value of compassion and tolerance, we thought about those who are deaf today. We had to order ourselves, in silence, from the tallest to the smallest child and then oldest to the youngest child. We found it hard to communicate without our voices. We also revisited the alphabet in British sign language and had a go at signing our names.

Volcano Hunting

Today we went on a hunt to find out about some volcanoes around the world. We used an atlas to locate each of the volcanoes on a world map.

Seeds of Hope

Year 3C have very kindly been given some sunflower seeds from Morrisons. This morning we took the time to plant the seeds and we can not wait to watch them grow! The shop has launched a ‘Make Good Things Happen’ campaign, which this year is something we are trying to do. 

Romans Day

We had a lovely day yesterday being Romans in 3C! We all came to school in our best dressed Roman costumes, including some Gods, Goddesses, gladiators and soldiers ready for battle. We had a lesson all about Roman numerals, tested our Roman knowledge in a class quiz, made our own mosaic and got to put our skills to the test to try and crack the secret code.

Snack Bars

On Thursday we made our snack bars for DT. We used oats, cheerios, honey, butter, cherries, raisins and sultanas.


Today we took our measuring skills outside. We measured different equipment around the playground using our metre sticks. Did you know the long bench in the log area is 4.99m long?

City Features

We discussed what things were important to have in our city and then worked together, in our groups, to create our own city. We thought about the human and physical features as we were building them.  

Judaism Week

This week our RE topic has all been focused on Judaism. We have learnt about the different symbols in the Jewish faith and their meanings. On Tuesday (17th November) Mrs Elijah came to visit and spoke to us all about Shabbat and their Holy Day. She explained the usual Friday evening routine and different aspects of Jewish life.

Charcoal Art

Today we used charcoal in our art lesson. We created some lovely drawings of Brunelleschi’s dome and used the charcoal to help us blend out and add some shading to our work.

No Pens Day

Today we have had lots of great fun enjoying No Pens Day! First we had the task to work out ‘how long could you make a piece of paper?’ We had to see which group could make the longest piece of paper and we were only allowed to use one piece of paper, scissors and glue. Next, we created a painting using the pointillism technique, using the ends of our paintbrushes. We designed Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence.


After lunch it was our turn to debate the statement ‘computer games are good for you’ – Obviously they are, right?  We then made an advert for Milton Keynes, showing how many brilliant fun activities there are to do here.


This week we learnt about Stonehenge! We then went outside and made our own version of Stonehenge!

Coin Purses

This week we finally finished making our historical coin purse! We used either a running stitch or a blanket stitch and then had a go at sewing on a button. Of course our purses wouldn’t have been complete without some decoration too!

European Day of Languages

Today was European Day of Languages! Within our class, we celebrated all the different languages we could speak or were learning to. We created badges to show these off and have hung some welcome bunting in a variety of different languages around the room!

The Big Dig

Today we went outside for our big dig. We found some incredible artefacts! We spoke about what we think they might have been used for in the past.


Today we started to practise some stitching! We practised a running stitch. I wonder what we could be making?