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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3P

Dance Hub Project

We have been very lucky to have Richie Rich from the Dance Hub Project (Tring Park School for the Performing Arts) in school to teach us lots of dance skills.  We have had lots of fun learning a routine and three of the children were identified as outstanding and given a ‘Golden Ticket’ for a day of dancing at Tring Park. Well done! 


Pentecost Dancing

We have been learning all about Pentecost. As a class we used inspiration about the Holy Spirit and the spreading of Good News to create a dance. 


Rock Investigations

We had a great afternoon learning more about rocks! We researched definitions, played games and quizzes about rock types, permeability and impermeability and what material is best to use when building a house. We also looked at sieving rocks and how particles of different sizes can be separated using sieving.  


Rock Investigations

As part of our new topic Rocks, we have been sorting, drawing and researching rocks. We have learnt about erosion and how rocks become eroded. We have also been testing how hard and soft rocks are using our finger nails, butterfly clips and iron nails. We are enjoying our Rock topic.


Rock Talk

Our new topic this term is volcanoes and earthquakes and our science topic is rocks. To start our topics off well, we had a visitor who talked to us about rocks. We learnt how rocks are formed and all about minerals and fossils. We were able to look and hold lots of different rocks, we had a great time! 


Roman Comic Strips

To complete our topic of the Romans, we looked at Myths and Legends; eventually writing our own version of a Roman Myth. In ICT we learnt how to make a comic strip. We created a storyboard, then in groups we role played the myth. As a class we used iPads to create the comic strips, taking pictures, adding text and speech bubbles.


We had lots of fun using the iPads and creating the comic strips, have a look at some of the finished articles. 


Sepo Sponsored Silence

As part of our Lenten Appeal, for Sepo, Year 3 decided to take part in a sponsored silence! The children had to be silent for all of their lessons, but were allowed to talk on the playground! The children loved it and tried really hard all day! They have raised lots of money in the process. Well done! 


Roman Banquet Day

We had a fantastic day dressing up as Romans and living like a Roman. To start the day we made honey cakes for the banquet and prepared our market stalls with goods to sell. We then bought produce and ate lots of delicious food at the banquet. In the banquet hall there was a vomitorium, so that we could eat even more food! We had great fun living like a Roman! 


Roman Class Assembly

We performed our class assembly this week, which was all about the Romans. We have learnt so much that we wanted to share with the rest of the school all the interesting facts about the Romans. The speaking, singing and acting were top quality and everyone should be very proud of themselves!  Well done 3P! 


World Book Day

For World Book Day, we got to dress as a character from a book. 3P put in lots of effort and looked amazing. To celebrate, we had an author called Charlotte Guillain do a non-fiction workshop with us. We also shared our favourite books, made a very large 3D book cover on Miss Poulton’s favourite book, Wolves by Emily Garrett and had a story read to us by Mrs Palmer. It was a fun-packed day!

Roman Army Formations

As a class we have learnt about one of the most famous Roman Army formations, which is the Tortoise, its Latin name is ‘Testudo’. Using our shields we made our version of the Tortoise and had great fun marching like Roman soldiers. Check out our video. 

Roman Formations 117.MOV

Still image for this video

Roman Mosaics

In our Art lessons we have been looking at mosaics and the famous artist Gaudi. We looked into how the Romans made their mosaics and the way they used patterns. We have made our own mosaics and had great fun making them. Have a look! 

The Romans

We have recently been learning all about the Roman Army, looking at the weapons, shields, what their camps were like and how they fought. In Art we made Roman shields, making sure that we used the correct colours and designs. We have attached a handle to the back of the shield and are ready to complete the army formations. 


This half term we have been thinking about shapes, balances and travelling. This week we had a go on the wall bars, making shapes and learning to travel around the bars and on the other equipment. We have had a lot of fun!

Science – Shadows

In Science this week, we have looked at shadows. We made stain glass windows to see which materials would make shadows. We have learnt the words opaque, transparent and translucent. We had a lot of fun making our stain glass windows!

Roman Verulamium Trip

We had a great day out at the Verulamium in St Albans where we got to handle real Roman artefacts! It was amazing to think that the objects we were holding were 2000 years old! We also had a good look around the museum itself and completed a trail where we learnt a lot of information about life in Roman times. We also went to see the hypocaust floor which is a giant mosaic with an underground heating system. We were amazed at the size of the mosaics which we saw. It was a great trip and we will use our new knowledge in our work over the coming term.

Numeracy – 3D Shapes

In Numeracy, we have been looking at 3D shapes and learning their properties. We made our own 3D shapes with marshmallows and spaghetti, which was great fun! Using food helped us to remember the properties, the spaghetti became the edges, the marshmallows were the vertices and the spaces were the faces. 


Spanish Day

As part of our Topic, we have been looking at Bletchley and Murcia. We had a Spanish Day, so that we know what life is like in Spain. We tasted lots of different Spanish food and learnt the words for these. We had a fantastic day!

Art – Sculpture

In Art, we have been looking at lots of sculptures in Milton Keynes and Murcia. We planned and made our own sculptures, making sure we were thinking of where our sculpture would be best suited – Bletchley or Murcia. Murcia seems a firm favourite for lots of new sculptures from Year 3P!  We had great fun making our sculptures from clay, wire and beads!

Parks Trust Sculpture Walk Trip

We have been learning about Bletchley and Murcia, as part of our Geography topic, and in art we are looking at sculptures. We had a fantastic trip to Campbell Park on the Parks Trust Art Walk. It was an excellent way to see local sculptures. It made us think about form, pattern, texture, material and colour. We are looking forward to creating our own sculptures.  

Judaism – Shabbat

Year 3P have been learning about Judaism, in particular Shabbat. We were very lucky to have a visitor come to the school to talk to us about Shabbat. Mrs Elijah introduced us to all the important items that are used during Shabbat. She also taught us the order of the day. 


Celtic Harmony Trip

This half term we have been leaning about the Stone Age and Iron Age and were very lucky to visit Celtic Harmony, where we became Stone Age people for the day. We made dens, jewellery and created our own cave paintings. We learnt about hunter-gatherers and were able to forage for food. We had a great day!