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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3M

Earthquake Resistant Buildings

We have been learning about the different ways to make earthquake resistant buildings. We have learnt the new key terms - tuned mass damper and base isolation - and have explored how this is used in buildings. Today we made prototypes for our own earthquake resistant structures and talked about the importance of prototypes. We have learnt that the strongest structures use triangles, have good foundations and are stacked evenly.  

World Faith Day

We had a very special World Faith Day celebrating the religion of Islam. We were very lucky to have visitors from the mosque to teach us about the Islamic faith. Hasnain and Shelina talked about the important act of sharing and we were able to taste dates which is what they break their fast with, during Ramadan. We listened to some Islamic stories with Mr Davies and finished off the day with some prayer mat potato printing.

First Holy Communion

Today we celebrated our First Holy Communion. We had juice and cakes out in the courtyard and received our certificates for our special day.


We have been focusing on measure this week. There have been lots of practical activities to help us with our capacity and mass measuring. This has helped us with our reading of intervals on different scales.


We have been looking at the story of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles to help them spread the word of God. We too have the Holy Spirit within us and we use our voices to spread the word of God. We made beautiful Pentecost flame collages today to remember the story of Pentecost.  

Hokusai Painting

Famous artist, Hokusai has inspired our recent artwork. We learnt about his very interesting life – he changed his name 30 times! We used his famous artwork to recreate our own watercolour paintings based on his style.

Deaf Awareness

For National Deaf Awareness Week we spent some time thinking about those who are deaf or hard of hearing. We took part in an activity where we had to organise ourselves without any speaking. This was challenging as we could only use our hand gestures and facial expressions to support us. We then spent some time learning our names using the BSL alphabet.  


We had great fun designing and decorating cupcakes to raise money for Sepo. We had a selection of different treats to decorate the cupcakes and even got to choose what colour of icing we wanted on top. Well done to everybody for such creative designs – they all looked delicious! 

Roman Day

We had a fantastic time in 3M celebrating Roman Day. In our class there were elegant gods and goddesses, fierce soldiers and gladiators and even some bossy emperors! We spent our day doing lots of Roman based activities; we learnt some Roman numerals in maths, completed a Roman quiz and made beautiful Roman mosaics to finish off the day. 

Snack Bars

On Thursday, 3M got their hands sticky and messy when making our snack bars for DT! We used oats, cheerios, honey, butter, cherries, raisins and sultanas.

Italy Day

Today was Italy Day. We celebrated all things Italian. We started the day by making our delicious bagel pizzas. There wasn’t a scrap left after we had a chance to eat them!  We learnt a little bit of the Italian language and wrote how to say our names, age and our favourite colour.  In the afternoon, we did our maths fractions work through making a fraction pizza and ended the day by making some beautiful stained glass windows inspired by the Florence Duomo.  Thank you to all of the boys and girls for dressing in their Italian colours. We had a great day!

Newspaper Report

We have been newspaper reporters for the past two weeks. We have written a story all about Brunelleschi building the dome for the Duomo in Florence. Here are some beautiful examples of the hard work 3M have put in.

Magnetic Force

We have been exploring magnetic force and how it is attracted to certain materials. We made our paperclips dance on different objects and also explored which objects are magnetic and which are not.

City Creation

We worked together in our table groups to create our own city. We thought about the human and physical features as we were building them. We also discussed what we thought were the most important things in a city and why.  

Judaism Week

We were very lucky to have Mrs Elijah in to celebrate Judaism week. She spoke to us all about Shabbat and told us about the usual Friday routine and the different traditions that they have. 

No Pens Day

We have had a busy and very exciting No Pens Day!  We started the day with creating a painting of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore using the pointillism technique. Next, we had the task of ‘how long could you make a piece of paper?’ We had to see which group could make the longest strip using 2 sheets of paper and we were only allowed to use scissors and glue.

We also learnt some greetings in British sign language and also the alphabet. After lunch we had the much anticipated debate. Our topic was ‘Computer games are good for you’ and we were the opposition. Our debate speakers did us very proud and we really enjoyed watching it!  Finally, we made an advert for Milton Keynes, showing how many brilliant fun activities there are to do and used our persuasive techniques from our English lessons.

Sewing Skills

We have spent the last month working very hard on our sewing skills. We learnt how to do a running stitch, a blanket stitch and even how to sew on a button!

European Day of Languages

We celebrated European Day of Languages by thinking of all the different languages we can speak in our class. We made and wore our badges to share our culture with everyone. We were also very lucky to have Mrs Guina teaching us some German in the afternoon.

God's Creation

We listened to a beautiful poem about God’s creation, our planet. We thought about what we are thankful for and painted a picture of our home.    


Today we learnt about mysterious Stonehenge. We wondered about how it was built, what it was used for and what it tells us about the past. After we found out some interesting facts, we had a go at making our own models using clay. 

Caveman Art

Today, we used our collaging skills to make our own caveman. Some of our cavemen were looking very stylish in their animal prints!   

Big Dig

Today we had our Big Dig! We dug through the mud to find some very special artefacts. We discussed what we think these artefacts were used for in The Stone Age.