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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 1L

Treasure Hunt

Today Year 1 were pirates hunting for treasure! We searched all over the playground for pirate treasure. When we found the treasure we had to write exactly where we found it using positional language. It was great fun!

Shape Hunters

Year 1 have been shape hunting! We looked outside and in our classroom for all the different shapes that we could find.

Woburn Safari Park

On Friday 4th May, Year 1 went to Woburn! We saw lots of animals whilst on the coach and saw the bears at feeding time. After lunch and games we saw the meerkats sunbathing. Then we went to the enrichment centre and felt different animal skins and a bearded dragon! Lastly we watched a parrot show and went back to the coach. It was a great day!

Medieval Day

As a treat for our hard work with our assembly, we had a medieval day! We started the day making our own crowns, shields and swords. Next we had a banquet with entertainment! Afterwards we went outside to test our shields and swords with a sword fight and we sang some songs. In the afternoon we made a drawbridge and some turrets for our DT project - making a castle.

Class Assembly

We based our assembly on traditional tales and our topic Turrets and Tiaras. We retold the story of Sleeping Beauty but with a twist! Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel also featured in our different traditional tale.

Outdoor Time Treasure Hunt

Year 1 have been learning about telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. We went out on to the playground to find the correct time as our sheet in order to spell out the word Wonderful! It was a lot of fun!

Science Day

Year 1 had lots of fun on Science Day! To start with, we had to design a container to hold 6 tomatoes and transport it from the top of the chair to the end of the white line on the carpet, without damaging the tomatoes! We worked with our table groups to create these products and then tested them as a class. We had some fantastic ideas, some using lots of packaging and some using very little. Most groups had the idea of creating a zip line with a bamboo stick and string to get the container from the top of the chair safely. Luckily there were no damaged tomatoes! After this we had a session in the hall with St Paul’s students and had fun using the Van de Graff machine, magnets, circuits and microscopes. In the afternoon we made birds’ nests using materials from outside.

Special Meals

During our RE topic of Meals, we have been learning about special meals such as Holy Communion. We had lots of questions so we invited some Year 5 children to talk to us about their experiences. Our questions were:

What did the bread and wine taste like?

How did you feel?

What did you wear?

Stations of The Cross

As part of Lent, Year 1 walked around the path looking at the Stations of the Cross. At each station we spoke about what was happening in the picture and how Jesus might have felt. We also had a moment of quiet reflection, then said this prayer 'We adore you O Christ and we praise you, for by your cross and resurrection, you have redeemed the world' at each station.

Turrets and Tiaras

As part of our Turrets and Tiaras topic, we are going to design our own castles in DT. To start this exciting project, today we tested different materials for making a castle. Each table had a different material - plasticine, lego, play dough, card and paper. We had 10 minutes on each table to make a castle shape. We then spoke about what which materials were good for making our castles and which were not ideal.

Space Art

After learning about the Space Art David Hardy created, Year 1 created their own. Firstly we danced to Gustav Holst’s - The Planets song using scarfs to make different shapes to go with the music. We then discussed how we could use these shapes in our own space pictures. We used pastels on black paper to create our art.

Measuring Length

We have been learning about measuring length this week and decided to predict whether something is longer or shorter than a metre stick. We then measured the object to see if we were right.

Creating Art

To start our space topic in an exciting way, we created art! We were told we could use spray paints, cups, chalk and glitter to create pictures about our space topic. Afterwards we spoke about what images our art work reminded us of, some of use said the pictures were like galaxies in space.

Advent Wreaths

Today, the children learnt about the importance of an Advent wreath. We discussed the significance of the evergreen leaves and the meaning of each candle. They then had a go at making their own. They looked great!

Polar Day

The children had an amazing Polar Day and all of our work was based around the Arctic! We started off the day by dressing up in clothes that we would wear in the Arctic and then we made polar bear masks! We then finished off by making Arctic themed biscuits. We had a great day!

Ice Experiment

Year 1 carried out an ice experiment. First we felt the water that was in each bowl on the tables and found that one bowl had cold water in it, another bowl had warm water and the final bowl was empty. The children then predicted which bowl would melt an ice cube the quickest. The children went to their tables and observed what happened to each of the ice cubes. They found that the bowl with warm water in it melted the ice the quickest, then the cold water and the bowl with no water still had the ice cube in it! However, we knew this ice cube was melting slowly as we could see some water in the bowl!

No Pens' Day

For No Pens' Day, Year 1 invented their own story using a bag of random items! Each child picked something out of the bag and included it in our weird and wonderful story!

Wendover Woods

Year 1 visited Wendover Woods today! We went on an exciting adventure to find the Gruffalo and had to solve lots of clues on the way! We saw the mouse, the fox, the owl and the snake until eventually we found the... Gruffalo!

European Day of Languages

Year 1 were looking at the European country of Italy today! We tried some delicious Italian food including bread, oil and olives!

Local Area

Year 1 went on a walk around the local area today! We saw the local shops and lots of houses. We talked about how all of these things are useful to us and why we need them in our local area.


Year 1 have been learning about Baptism. They were brilliant at working in groups and acting out what happens during a baptism.