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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2W

Safety Centre


We had a great day at the MK Safety Centre, we learnt how to make 999 calls, what to do in real life emergencies including first aid, water safety, crossing the road and internet safety.

Maggie then came into school to teach us more about the role of the emergency services.

RE - Books topic 


Year 2W have been learning about books as part of their RE topic.

The children looked at different types of Bible; some were old, others very small, some had pictures and some had fancy writing. The children learnt how we show reverence to the Gospels because they are the special Word of God and they know about some of the other books which the parish family use during the celebration of Mass.

The children designed a special front cover for a Bible and made a bookmark to take to church.



To start our new topic we made models of the Big Bad Wolf to describe the forces we applied to the play dough.

Celebrating Judaism – A visit to the Synagogue


As part of their ‘Places of Worship’ RE topic, Year 2 went to Milton Keynes Reformed Synagogue to learn about Jewish prayer and worship. The boys had to wear a kippah, or scull cap, and then Henry and Rebecca showed the children around.

The synagogue is used by all of the Jewish community for special occasions and events and many Jewish children learn to speak and read Hebrew during Chedar lessons.

Year 2 were able to recognise many symbols of the Jewish faith such as the Star of David and the Menorah candlestick.

The children were especially excited to see the holy Torah scrolls which Henry removed from the Ark and carefully opened to reveal the five books of Moses, handwritten on parchment. Henry read the Ten Commandments in Hebrew for us and told us about how Jewish people celebrate the Sabbath day.



To kick start our new history topic of the Great Fire of London, we travelled back in time to 1666 to work in a bakery on Pudding Lane.  Mrs Williams, Mrs Walter and Mrs Durcan all taught us how to make Soda Bread by following the instructions.  We then got to taste the bread and write instructions for others to follow, that might wish to work in the bakery.  If you want to try the recipe at home, follow Luca’s simple instructions.  

Great Fire of London


As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we recreated the putting out of the fire in Pudding Lane.  The children had to transport the water from the River Thames in leather buckets by passing them along the line to then throw over the fire.

2W Hanson Centre


We visited the Hanson Environmental Centre this week as part of our Science topic.  The children explored a woodland habitat and used their senses to create collages, touchy feely boxes, sound pictures and create natural perfumes.

The most exciting part of the trip was going pond dipping.  We found all sorts of pond creatures including a water scorpion and damselfly nymphs.  

European Day of Languages


We enjoyed meeting Nicolette and Elisa from St Paul’s who came to teach us Italian on European day of Languages.  We learnt how to count, say animal names and several greetings.  We enjoyed the lesson and have been practising around school.

See our class twitter page to see a photo of our lesson.  @stabletchley2W

Harvest Assembly


We really enjoyed sharing our class assembly on Harvest with the school and our families.  We told the story of why harvest is so important and it reminds us of how lucky we are.  To finish the assembly we told the story of Chicken Licken who thought the sky was falling in, when really it was an acorn falling down due to the start of Autumn.

Observational Drawings


This week we have been drawing plants and flowers as part of our Science topic.  We took time to look really carefully at the plants and then remembered this detail in our drawings.