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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4M


Our class mediation today was taken by the pupils. Two of our class members very kindly planned and delivered a meditation about God’s love. We had to think about what love means to us and share our ideas in a love heart, placing it beside the candle. This shows how we appreciate God’s love for us.

Holy Spirit Day

Holy Spirit Day was filled with creative sessions to learn about what the Holy Spirit is and how it impacts our lives. We learned all about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and linked them to our own actions. We looked at the symbols of the Holy Spirit and created some beautiful pieces of artwork related to this. We were also very lucky to have some visitors in with us to celebrate the day. 

World Week

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Week. We focused mainly on the country Poland and the religion of Hinduism.  We completed some fact files, did lots of arts and crafts, danced, ate, sang and even had some guests in too!  We celebrated so many different cultures throughout the week and it was amazing to find out some more about everybody in our class and the rest of the school.

Mother Mary

During meditation we took the time to think about our Mother Mary, as this is the month of May. We discussed how important Mary is to us and how she can help us to be patient, trusting, loving and caring. We wrote some beautiful prayers to ask for help and to thank Mary.


Today we used clay to make Anglo-Saxon medallions which we designed in our previous art lesson. We learned how to cross-hatch and use water to join different parts of clay together. Our medallions are now waiting to be painted and decorated with beautiful Anglo-Saxon designs!

Science Week

Our topic for science week was ‘Journeys of Electricity’. We had an excellent week of investigations and learning new information. We learned how static electricity works and we were able to do some magic tricks using this knowledge! We also learned how to make a circuit work and to understand which materials are insulators and which are conductors. We had a great time taking part in the ‘Make it Fly’ contest at the very end of the week. All in all, a very fun week with lots of new learning.

Easter Cracked

We had a great afternoon visiting St Andrew’s Baptist Church to do some workshops on the true meaning of Easter. We did some crafts, some quizzes and listened to some stories. We even learnt how an Easter egg links to the Easter story!

Paper Mache

We have used papier mache to create some fantastic Maya masks.  Some of us have created battle masks, some have created some ritual masks and others have created some occasion-wear masks.

Class Assembly

Our class assembly was all about recycling and how we can help to save our planet, starting here in Milton Keynes! We worked so hard on it and we were delighted to share it with all of you! We hope you enjoyed singing along to ‘Green, Green Milton Keynes’ and ‘Recycle It’ and seeing some of the fantastic costumes the pupils helped to make.

Maya Day

Maya Day was a great day where we learned so much about Maya culture. We had the opportunity to taste Maya style chocolate and do some drama too! We have really enjoyed our time finding out so much about the Gods, food and sports Maya people played. 

Plastic Cup Telephone

Today we tested how sound travels through the plastic cup telephone. We made our telephones using two plastic cups and a long piece of string and took them out to the playground to find out if we could hear each other. We were successful!

Class Assembly Costumes

In Year 4M we have our class assembly coming up and we have been working really hard to get some of our costumes ready! We have been painting some crisp packets, tin cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles. We are very excited for everyone to see the finished pieces after the half term break.

E-Safety with St Paul’s

We had a great session with St Paul’s learning about e-safety. Then we had the opportunity to make up our own e-safety song or rap to remind people to stay safe online.

Feast Day

We learned lots about St Thomas Aquinas when we made some lovely fact files about his life. We went on an information scavenger hunt to find out lots of different things we didn’t know before.


In PE we have been working on gymnastics. We have been working really hard to perfect the way we land after a jump and the way we move around the room like gymnasts.

Sound Walk

We have been learning about how vibrations and waves are involved in how we hear things!  We went on a sound walk to find out what we could hear around the school.

Recycling Centre MK

We were very lucky to have Louise in from the Recycling Centre MK. Louise told us all about how we can help our environment and how to recycle properly. We took part in some workshops and watched some videos on how things are recycled and what they can be made into.


We had a great day being evacuated to the countryside in Year 4M. We made our evacuee tags and packed our cases, all ready to set off on our journey. We learned a little about what is was like and performed some drama.  Finally, we wrote a letter to our families telling them how we were getting on in our new home. Everyone looked fantastic and really enjoyed the day!

Christmas Cracked

Year 4 had a lovely morning out at Christmas Cracked at St Andrew’s Baptist Church. They took part in lots of different festive activities whilst learning about the true meaning of Christmas. 


Mrs Elijah came to visit Year 4M on Monday and told us all about the Torah for Judaism week. We learned a lot about the Jewish faith and really enjoyed her visit.

RAF Hendon

Year 4M had an excellent trip to the RAF Hendon Museum in London, as part of our WW2 topic.  We explored the museum, looked at the RAF airplanes and also took part in some workshops. We visited a WW2 style home and shop where we heard about what it would be like to live during WW2. We visited an air raid shelter and also had the opportunity to wear RAF uniforms.

World War 2

We have started learning all about the beginning of WW2 and have made a timeline of all of the events that happened during the war. We were also very lucky to hear all about some family members who fought in the war.  Thank you to anyone who brought in medals, pictures or stories about their family.

Remembrance Day Parade

A few members of Year 4M had the opportunity to represent our class at the Remembrance Day parade on Friday 9th November. The boys and girls that took part helped to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI.

Class Debate

We had a lot of practice debating this week on various different topics. We used all of the persuasive techniques we were learning in English to help us form strong arguments.

No Pens Day

No Pens Day was a great success in Year 4M. We made beautiful habitat art and played some interactive maths games. Well done to all of the boys and girls for such a fantastic day!

Minibeast Hunt

We have been learning about habitats in Science and the many different species that live in each of the habitats. After learning some facts about invertebrates we went on a hunt to find as many as we could around our school playground. We found lots of different types of minibeasts including bees, woodlice, spiders, ladybirds and lots of daddy-longlegs!

Campbell Park
The sun was shining for 4M’s trip to Campbell Park on Tuesday morning. The children used their map and compass skills to get around Campbell Park. Working in groups they were able to follow the route around the park and place on the map where they had been to and where they were going! Along the way we spotted a lot of interesting sculptures!