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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4B

RE- Community

In RE we have been looking at Bletchley Parish. We have discussed what it means to be part of a community. We have looked at the various roles people play in our parish from Priests to lay helpers. In class we used scripture as inspiration to think how we could join together to make our community a better place for all.


Over the past week we have been looking at symmetry and have created symmetrical patterns in our books. We also used Geo and Peg Boards to create symmetrical images. To challenge ourselves we tried to create pictures that had more than one line of symmetry.

Recycling Factory

We had a fantastic morning at Milton Keynes Recycling Factory. We learnt about the different types of recyclable materials and what we can and con not recycle. We even had a chance to go on the factory floor and see the machines working hard to sort our recyclables


We have been looking at sound in science. We used water and a tuning fork to investigate sound vibrations. We noticed that the bigger the sound the bigger the vibration.  To further test this theory we placed grains of rice on a drum. The harder we hit the drum, the more the drum skin vibrated causing the rice to jump. When we hit the drum softly the rice just moved a little bit.

Remembrance Assembly

This morning we performed our class assembly. It was a special time to reflect on the sacrifices that people have made so we can live peacefully in England. We shared our World War 2 knowledge with the rest of the school.


European Day of Languages

This year we learnt about France. We were able to have a small conversation with our talk partners. We learnt the French nursery rhyme “Allouette, gentille alouette.” During assembly we performed this to the whole school. In the afternoon we looked at colours and we can now name several different colours in French.


In Science we have been looking at classification. We started by using our existing knowledge to classify animals. We then used the LearnPads to research our results. Students were able to classify animals using several different criteria.

Campbell Park

On Monday 19th September we went orienteering in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes. The park rangers, Lynn and James, taught us how to read maps and use a compass. It was an exciting day as we used our maps to explore Campbell Park and discover some of the art work.