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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year RT

Tesla Cars

We drove our new electric Tesla car around the playground road to see if we could pass our driving test! It was lots of fun and we all passed and got our own driving licence to take home!

Science Day

We really enjoyed experimenting with our ingredients to create the best eruption for the volcano competition. After a few attempts we decided to mix two different kinds of vinegar together to pour over the other ingredients and this worked very well and erupted beautifully.  


We then became pirate scientists!  We worked together to make our own volcano using sand, building it up around our bottle. We then created ‘Pirate Island’ around our volcano.  We also took part in lots of other pirate experiments and activities- predicting which treasures would float or sink, building a pirate ship, working out where to hide the treasure and making our own treasure maps for our friends to follow.  We went out dressed as pirates for the volcano competition and we were one of the winners! Our eruption was brilliant and we were awarded a certificate and prizes for the most creative volcano.

Chinese New Year

In Reception, we celebrated and enjoyed a week of learning about Chinese New Year. We took part in so many activities: created a beautiful Chinese Dragon which we danced with in our PE lesson; made Chinese lanterns, made our own stretchy Chinese dragons and ended our week with a delicious Chinese lunch.

Numicon City

We have been using the Numicon to help us to count, add and take away numbers.  We created buildings by stacking the numicon. We painted and printed with the numicon to create many different kinds of buildings in our very own city.  There are even Reception children walking around Numicon city talking about all of their clever mathematical ideas!


As part of our Meditation, Reception went for a walk to find the beautiful pear tree. We found the pears and picked a few from the tree. We took them back to our classroom and talked about how we could all have some delicious pears. We decided we needed to chop them up so we could all share and have a piece. We said a special prayer to thank God for our beautiful world, the delicious fruit and for helping us to be kind and to share.