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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2G

Tudor Day

As part of our topic, we had a fantastic Tudor Day! We started the day designing our own menu (some of them very extravagant). Next we went shopping to buy all the food we needed and then we made Tudor Pomanders. In the afternoon we had a banquet with entertainment including dances and jokes.


Holy Spirit Day

Year 2 listened to the story of Pentecost Sunday and then worked in small groups to retell the story through drama. The children were able to show how the disciples felt and behaved before and after the Holy Spirit arrived.  They also made doves with paper plates and had a lot of fun blow painting the tongues of fire. In the afternoon, we had a visitor and they wrote a prayer and also learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


In Art, we have been looking at different artists and their work. The class have produced some fantastic pieces of work. We have experimented using water colours and oil pastels. We have some future young artists emerging in Year 2!

Science Day

During Science Day, we discovered how to make the perfect sandcastle. In this investigation we explored what the best mixture of sand and water is for making sandcastles. We also had a look at the Van de Graaff Machine – it was exciting!


Class Assembly

To end our topic we performed a wonderful assembly all about Seas and Oceans. We retold the story of ‘Doctor Dean and his underwater friends’ and we sang songs all about diving deep into the Ocean. We also showed our creative art work which was based around under the sea creatures.

Underwater Scene

We have been getting creative with chalk, paint, colouring pencils and scrap materials to create an underwater scene. We used our imagination and tried to remember ocean creatures we had seen on our trip to Birmingham Sea Life Centre, to help us with our work.

Sea Life Centre

On 10th January Year 2 visited Birmingham’s ‘Sea Life Centre’. We had a fun day learning about creatures who live under the sea, we even touched a starfish! We saw sharks, penguins, otters, exotic fish and many other creatures.

Jewish Synagogue Visit

During Judaism Week, Year 2 visited the Jewish synagogue in Giffard Park. Here we learnt the similarities and differences between the Jewish place of worship compared to our own Churches, we learnt Hebrew words, ate Jewish challah (bread) and learnt about different Jewish artefacts.  We even got to dress up in a Jewish tallit and kippah. We had a great day learning about Judaism and particularly enjoyed learning a Hebrew song.

Our Lady

In our R.E. lesson we have been learning to pray the Hail Mary. We have been looking at rosary beads and made our own using pipe cleaners and colourful beads.


In Maths we have been learning about halves and quarters. We cut pizzas, cheese, apples and other foods into equal amounts to learn more about fractions.

No Pens' Day

For ‘No Pens' Day’ we enjoyed lots of fun activities including a Spelling Bee! We also used our voices to navigate our blindfolded partner around the playground; this was tricky but we realised quickly that specific instructions are very important! In the afternoon we designed our own Tudor houses out of cereal boxes and paper, we will use these for our topic next half term.

Hanson Centre

On Tuesday 3rd October, 2G spent the day at the Hanson Centre. We had a fantastic day at the nature reserve. We worked in pairs to carry out a ‘bug hunt’ in some different habitats. We searched in grassland, a hedgerow and woodland. We were also very excited to have a go at pond dipping to see what creatures we could find living in the water. It was a very exciting day!


In Year 2 our first RE topic is ‘Beginnings’. We have been learning about the story of Creation. We ordered the story on a story board and then told the story as a class to help us remember it.