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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6B


We had a really interesting session learning about CAFOD, with our Chair of Governors, Cathy Stormonth. It helped us to understand more about the inequality in the world and what we could do to help.


We put our knowledge of light in to action by making our own periscopes. We then had fun doing some spying around school!

Holy Spirit Day

We had a brilliant time celebrating Holy Spirit Day. Our day began with a Wonderbox lesson to show our understanding of Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit. Each group could decide how to show their learning and this ranged from drama to art pieces! Afterwards, we spent some time in contemplation and prayer in the Prayer Spaces and in the afternoon we had to create a piece of art to show what the Holy Spirit meant to us.

Isle of Wight

Year 6 had a fantastic trip away to the Isle of Wight. We learnt all about different coastal features and the purpose of coastal defences. We also had a great time doing all sorts of activities from raft building to navigation to rockpooling! This is definitely a week that we won’t forget in a hurry!


During World Week, we learnt about Islam. We were lucky enough to have a visitor come in to talk to us about his faith and we also visited Zainabiya Islamic Centre. It was a really interesting trip which helped us to understand different parts of this faith. We then produced our own work on what we had found out.

Pray For Ghana

During our meditation in World Week, we prayed for Ghana. We watched a video about a girl called Mary who lives in Ghana and is the same age as the children in Year 6. We learnt more about the struggles she faces in her life and how child sponsorship has helped her. This inspired us to write our own prayers for children in Ghana.

World Week

We all had a brilliant week celebrating World Week. We focussed on Ghana and had a lot of fun making African masks, researching about Ghana using LearnPads and playing some traditional Ghanaian games.

Risen Christ

We celebrated the risen Christ by reading the story of the Road to Emmaus and learning how Jesus first appeared to his disciples after his death. We read some poetry that detailed this story and some of us chose to recreate our own poems whilst others reflected on the story.

Science Week

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed Science Week, with the opportunity for lots of practical work and group work. Our topic was Journeys through the body and we focused on circulation. We made our own blood model and also recreated the journey of blood with our own versions of the heart – the weather was so nice that we got to do this outside. We also got the opportunity to use our own ideas to create a plane for the Make it Fly competition and enjoyed testing these to see whose would go the furthest!


We had a great time learning some basic ukulele on Wednesday. We had a visitor who taught us some facts about the history of the ukulele and we learnt two main cords, F and C. Our next step is to now practise these so that we can play a song!


Our writing task this week is an instructional text and to help us prepare for this, we created our own American-style cheesecake and deli-inspired sandwiches. For the cheesecake, we had to work well in our groups and share out the different tasks. When making our sandwiches, we were able to choose from a range of ingredients. Everyone agreed that everything we made tasted delicious – some of us were also brave enough to try something new like gherkins!

Evolution and Inheritance

As part of our science topic of Evolution and Inheritance, we have been learning about Natural Selection. We investigated this idea by thinking about what Charles Darwin discovered about finches in the Galapagos Islands. We learnt that smaller beaks were better for picking up smaller seeds and bigger beaks were better for larger seeds.

Fire Safety

Today, the local fire service came to talk to us all about fire prevention. They showed us some interesting videos about how we can prevent fires, for example, by shutting our doors at night. We were then allowed to see all of the different equipment they have on their fire engines. We really enjoyed ourselves and learnt lots of important information!

Stations Of The Cross

Each week, we took time to pray the different Stations of the Cross. We prayerfully considered the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and thought about the impact of this. At the end of this important journey, we were given the opportunity to reflect. Some of us wrote prayers to show our gratitude.

British Museum

We had an excellent day exploring the British Museum in London! We were able to see lots of different Ancient Greek artefacts including The Elgin Marbles. It really helped us to understand more about the Ancient Greeks and how they lived.

Safer Internet Day

During Safer Internet Day, we discussed the importance of safety online and the ways we can ensure that we are always keeping ourselves safe. To show our learning, we created an e-safety game designed to challenge and test children’s knowledge about this important subject. We liked being creative and it enabled us to develop our team working skills.

Twelfth Night

Year 6 had a great time using different drama skills to act out Twelfth Night. We explored the plot and characters of the play and this helped us to write some excellent work based on Malvolio and Cesario in our English lessons.

No Pens Day

Year 6B had a great time getting messy on No Pens Day. We made conductive dough in our groups and then had to work out how to make an LED light up only using the dough, an LED and a battery. We were surprised to learn that because of the baking powder and salt in the dough, it did conduct electricity! Some of us also managed to get a buzzer to work in our dough circuits too!

Terrific Trifles

The children had great fun making some terrific trifles this morning! Linking to our topic work on Shakespearean England, we had a go at making our own Elizabethan-inspired trifle. We used lots of delicious ingredients and I think it is safe to say that most children loved their creations!

St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

We had a great day celebrating our feast day and we looked at who St Thomas Aquinas was and chose our favourite sayings.

Shakespeare in Court

Last week, we set up our very own courtroom in class. The motion to be debated was 'Stealing Shakespeare’s work is theft'. Children took on different roles such as Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway as well as being members of the jury. All the children spoke clearly and confidently and came up with some very persuasive arguments. We then used these ideas to help us write our own debate on this topic


Today, Year 6 were lucky enough to have the Young Shakespeare Company come and perform Twelfth Night for them. The children were taken to the imaginary land of Illyria and learnt the tale of the twins, Viola and Sebastian, who were torn apart from each other in a storm. It was an interactive performance with children enjoying playing different parts. Everyone also took part in the rowing of the ship and creating the storm! We all thought it was an excellent way to learn about Twelfth Night!


The children were given a range of components that are used to make electrical circuits. Working with a partner, they then had to complete different circuit challenges. All the children were able to make working circuits and some discovered that you don’t always need a battery holder or a bulb holder to make a circuit work!