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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3

Roman Day

What a fun, exciting day it has been! We tasted different Roman foods, designed our own Roman pots, made Roman mosaic hearts and acted out scenes between the Celts and the Romans before the finale - a duel between the Celts and Roman warriors.

St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating the feast day of our patron, St Thomas Aquinas. The day started with Mass celebrated by Fr Jithu. We learnt about St Thomas Aquinas and focused on one of his famous quotes - “The things that we love tell us what we are.” We then made a piece of art writing about what each of us love doing. The final product was brilliant.


Year 3 have been enjoying their music lessons. We have been learning when to sing loudly (forte) and when to sing softly (piano). We are learning some catchy English and Polish songs too!


Year 3 spent some quiet time in the chapel thanking God for the gift of the new year, 2024. They wrote about challenges they wish to overcome this year. They asked God to help them to achieve their goals. They ended their worship session singing the hymn “Thank you Jesus for loving me”.

Sewing Practice

Year 3 spent an afternoon practising the running stitch and managed to master it by the end. We cannot wait to see them use this skill to sew their Roman flags.



As we approach the season of Advent, the children in Year 3 gave serious thought about how they would get ready for Jesus’ birth. They made promises of how they could be better individuals and help people around them. They wrote their Advent promises on Advent candles which were then added to our Advent display. They looked beautiful and heart-warming.


Year 3 had an enriching session with Mrs Elijah who came to visit the school during Judaism week. They learnt about the Torah, the Shabbat/Havdalah candles and the Menorah.  They even got to taste the Challah bread. Most children felt that the bread tasted like normal bread but was a lot sweeter.


Year 3 used all their knowledge and skills when they created their piece of art. Great emphasis was put on the position of the sun so that they could shade their objects accordingly. The outcome was very impressive.

Charcoal Shading

Year 3 have been learning about different shading techniques in Art like cross hatching, stippling and plain shading. They showcased their artistic talents by shading with charcoal and the outcome was very impressive.

Forces and Magnets 

We kick started our new science topic with an enquiry - which objects are magnetic? The children made predictions about which objects they thought would be magnetic and which ones would not.  They then explored using magnets and found some interesting things! Take a look at the magnetic objects we found! 

Milton Keynes and Florence 

We first brainstormed what topics we learn in Geography. We spoke about topics like volcanoes, earthquakes, people, rivers, jobs, maps, tourism, climate and weather.  We ended our lesson by discussing geographical similarities and differences between Florence and Milton Keynes. 


Big Wet Dig

Year 3 archaeologists did not allow the rain to dampen their spirits and their plans. They stayed focused, persevered and found various artefacts by digging. Some of the artefacts they found were hammerstones, flint stones, coins, pebble tools and jewellery. What an exciting wet day it was!



During RE we read St. Paul's letter to the Colossians. We spoke about what qualities that we, as children of God, should show in our lives.


Our topic in science this term is Light. Our scientists in Year 3 worked methodically and scientifically to find out which materials reflect light. They concluded that materials like mirrors, glass and tinfoil are good reflectors of light.

Stone Age

We started our topic by becoming hunter gatherers! We learnt about what life was like as a hunter-gatherer during the Stone Age and compared it to how we get our food now. We also learnt that farming developed after this time.  The hunters had to search for the Stone Age animals and strike them with their weapons (beanbags) three times!


Class Beatitudes

Year 3 worked together as a class and came up with their ‘Class Beatitudes.’ Every single member of the class agreed that we all wanted the members of our class to be helpful, attentive, caring, curious, appreciative and most importantly respectful. We also spoke about respecting God, others, ourselves, our school and the different ways we could show respect.



Year 3 Class Beatitudes

    Blessed are those who are helpful.

Because they will be blessed.

Blessed are those who look after the earth and poor people.

Because they will be trusted.

Blessed are those who are encouraging.

Because they will have lots of friends.

Blessed are those that are kind.

Because they will be loved.

Blessed are those who respect God and others.

Because they will receive graces from heaven

Blessed are those who bring peace to the world.

Because God will pray for them.

Blessed are those who are caring.

Because God will reward them in heaven.


Year 3

Sept 2023