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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 5B

Class Assembly

We did an excellent job of learning our lines and telling the incredibly important story of the events leading up to and including Good Friday. We are very proud of how our assembly went!

Persuasive Posters

We have been working hard on writing persuasive posters to encourage people to visit the Amazon rainforest. I hope you will agree that they are very persuasive, using power of 3, rhetorical questions, hyberbole and lots of description to entice people!

Viking Oat Cakes

We had a great time making our Viking oat cakes. We mixed our ingredients together before rubbing in the butter. After rolling the dough out, we used a cutter to make the oatcakes. We then used fruit to decorate them according to our plan.

Cutting Skills

We practised our cutting skills by learning the bridge hold and the claw grip. We also thought about what food seasonality was and how this affects our food choices.

Viking Poetry

Year 5B have been learning about the Vikings and in our English lessons, we have been learning about poetry. We used Rachel Piercey’s poem called “To Asgard” and created our own poems based on this. We worked really hard and are proud of what we have written!

Catholic Social Teaching

We had an interesting lesson during a P4C session, thinking about the Catholic Social Teaching of dignity. We had a prompt picture and then had to generate a question which we voted on. As a class, we then discussed our thoughts and opinions – we had a great time and wished the session was longer!

Sewing Skills

We needed to practise our sewing skills in preparation for making our mobile phone cases. We practised joining two pieces of material together using running stitch and whipstitch. Trying to get the stitches an equal size was tricky but we did it as neatly as we could.


We were very lucky to have Mrs Elijah visit us to teach us about Judaism, specifically Passover and the Sedar Plate. We enjoyed listening to the reasons why different foods are eaten and we especially liked being able to try some of them!

Ancient Egyptian Day

We had such a fun day celebrating the end of our history topic. Everyone dressed up as an Ancient Egyptian – we even had a mummy! We took part in lots of different activities to celebrate what an interesting topic this has been.

Papier Mâché Masks

Year 5 had a great time painting their papier mâché masks in the style of Tutankhamun. We think they look great!

Ancient Egyptian Artefacts

In our Ancient Egypt topic, we have been exploring different types of artefacts and what we can learn from them. We put back together some artefacts that had been cut up.  As a class, we then discussed what we could learn from these artefacts, for example, beliefs and past times.

Separating Materials

We looked at using different materials to separate items such as pasta, rice, sand and water. We then made our own filters from paper towels, fabric and cleaning cloths to separate the sand and water solution. We were trying to create a filter that would clean a dirty water sample. Finally, we used filter paper to see if it filtered better than our material filters. We thought about the terminology - insoluble, soluble and dissolve.

Papier Mâché

In our art lesson, we were practising our skill of using papier mâché to make a sculpture. We had a small mask that we needed to cover and had to make sure that all the bits of newspaper were stuck down. We enjoyed it!