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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2TL

Electricity - Circuits


During our science lessons we have been looking at what electricity is and how we can use it. We found out that electricity is a power source that is used to power lots of different things.

We investigated how to build a circuit to power a light bulb and a propeller. We then tried to insert a switch to control our circuits, by witching them on and off. 

Bakers for the day


2TL found out that The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. We wanted to know what it would have been like to be that baker back in 1666, so we put on our aprons and got baking.  We followed an old recipe and made some lovely bread. 

Art / DT


As part of our Art and DT this half term we have been learning how to sew!

We have looked at two types of stitches; the running stitch and the blanket stitch. We then used these new skills to design and make a handprint to represent each of us. 

Dragon Medicine


Class 2TL received a letter from the land of the Dragons, asking us to make dragon medicine to wake up all the sleeping dragons.

Unfortunately the instructions on how to make this medicine were destroyed so the children had to write their own set of instructions.

Once we had written our own instructions we worked together to make the magic medicine. If the medicine bubbled at the end it meant we had followed the instructions correctly.

Have a look at some of our videos to see whether we made the medicine correctly. 

Year 2TL Dragon Medicine.m4v

Still image for this video


The Egg has hatched!


On 17th December 2013 our class dragon egg hatched.

Inside there were two dragons which we all got to see and hold. 

Celebrating Judaism – A visit to the Synagogue


As part of their ‘Places of Worship’ RE topic, Year 2 went to Milton Keynes Reformed Synagogue to learn about Jewish prayer and worship. The boys had to wear a kippah, or scull cap, and then Henry and Rebecca showed the children around.

The synagogue is used by all of the Jewish community for special occasions and events and many Jewish children learn to speak and read Hebrew during Chedar lessons.

Year 2 were able to recognise many symbols of the Jewish faith such as the Star of David and the Menorah candlestick.

The children were especially excited to see the holy Torah scrolls which Henry removed from the Ark and carefully opened to reveal the five books of Moses, handwritten on parchment. Henry read the Ten Commandments in Hebrew for us and told us about how Jewish people celebrate the Sabbath day.



We have been learning all about Vincent van Gogh in our art topic. We have been looking at lots of his paintings, especially his famous picture of Sunflowers.

We looked really carefully at this paining and tried to reproduce it in our own style. 

Fruit Tasting and Seed exploring


In our topic this term we have been looking at the parts of a plant and the life cycle of plants. Today we looked at the fruit of a plant and the seeds found within them. We looked at where in the world these different fruits come from and how different the seeds looked in each of the fruits.

Once we had looked at them, we had the fun task of tasting them!

Hanson Centre Trip


We visited the Hanson Environmental Centre this week as part of our topic.  The children explored a woodland habitat and used their senses to create collages, touchy feely boxes, pictures of what sounds we could hear and created natural perfumes. The highlight of our trip was the pond dipping!


We all had a fantastic time.