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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 1CO

Questions about Holy Communion

During this topic we have learning about special meals such as Holy Communion. We have lots of questions so we invited some Year 5 children to talk to us about their experiences. Our questions were:

What did the bread and wine taste like?

How did you feel?

What did you wear?



Meditation: May the Month of Mary

Today was our turn in the chapel and we went and prayed the Hail Mary with the actions. Next we wrote different parts of the prayer on blue flowers. When we came back to the classroom we spoke about what we needed to create a May Altar. We then created our own one in the classroom and put our flowers on top.

Being Kind

Today we looked at what it means to be kind to one another. We thought about the different ways we have been kind to our friends, our brothers, our sisters and our parents. We then thought of someone we wanted to show our kindness to with a picture which would make them happy.

Woburn Safari Park

Year 1 had a fantastic day out exploring Woburn Safari Park! We began our day with a guided tour on the coach, seeing all different types of animals! We saw rhinos, zebras, ostriches, lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and lots lots more! Next we stopped for some lunch and then we explored Woburn’s foot safari! We even got to feel the skins of a cheetah, zebra and snake!

Palm Sunday

For Palm Sunday we made palm leaves and learnt the story of Palm Sunday. We acted out Palm Sunday and did a freeze frame of how the people were feeling.

Building Castles

This week in our DT sessions we have been creating and building our own castles. Throughout the term we have practised making drawbridges and cutting the battlements for our castles and towers.

Pond Dipping

As part of Science week, we went pond dipping in the secret garden. We used nets to collect various creatures from the ponds and then used a magnifying glass and a pond spotter sheet to identify them. We found pond snails, pond skaters and a water boatman amongst other things. It was great fun!


We are very lucky this term because we now have a special visitor every week to do our music sessions!  Our topic for music is looking at castles, so today we discussed different sounds we would hear in a castle (the creaky stairs, squeaky mice, howling wind and banging doors) and decided which instruments would be best to show that .

Shape Hunt

Today we have been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt outside and had to find different objects around the school that were similar to the shapes on our table!

Meditation: Stations of the Cross

As part of Lent, today Year 1 walked around the path looking at the Stations of the Cross. At each station we spoke about what was happening in the picture and how Jesus might have felt. We also had a moment of quiet reflection, then we said this prayer at each station.

'We adore you O Christ and we praise you, for by your cross and resurrection, you have redeemed the world.'

World Book Day!

On World Book Day it was brilliant to see everyone dressed up as their favourite book characters! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they were split into groups with children from all different classes and year groups. There were lots of exciting activities going on throughout the school! There was lots of painting and decorating, creative story writing and plenty of time to share and read our favourite stories with our friends. The children met some famous characters along the way too – Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka, the Hungry Caterpillar, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland!


This term we are looking at different types of measuring. Last week we looked at how to measure the length and height of objects and this week we have started looking at weight. Today we used the balancing scales and had to work out which item was heavier or lighter and then try to balance the items with cubes.  We had to make sure it was as accurate as possible - so before we started both sides had to be equal – which we could tell by making sure the containers were the same level.

Measuring Outside!

Today we took our measuring skills and used them outside. We had different word problems to solve and then find which items would suit best, based on their size!

Chapel Visit

Today was our turn to visit the chapel for meditation, just in time for Lent and our new topic in class. We looked at what Lent means to us and what happens during the Lenten period. We designed our own stain glass windows - similar to what is in the chapel - and have written a Lenten promise inside.

Solar System Assembly

This half term we have been learning about the different planets in our solar system, the moon landing back in 1969, the great space race and animals who went into space!  Today we had our assembly and got to teach the rest of the school and parents all about what we have been learning! It was great fun; we have learnt so many songs to help us remember all the facts as well! 

Advent Wreaths

We looked at the different parts of an advent wreath. We then created our own paper wreath using handprints for leaves and rolling paper for the candles.

Meditation: Acts of Kindness

In meditation we talked about how we can give gifts of kindness during advent. We had lots of ideas such as letting someone go in front of us in the line, smiling at people, sharing with our friends and forgiving someone. Then we wrote down our suggestions and stuck them on our advent calendar display. Every day we will open our advent calendar door and see an act of kindness that we all need to try and do that day.


Polar Day!

Today we had great fun being ice explorers! We started off the day making some jam sandwiches to take with us on our Arctic adventure. The jam sandwiches were sticky but very yummy! Year 1CO have written down the recipe so we don’t forget!


Before we could continue any further on our expedition we had to learn what equipment we would need to help us survive, just like Ernest Shackleton! We used lots of new equipment and made sure we would keep safe with our head torches and lamps, as well as having our snow boots and jackets to keep us warm, all packed neatly away in our backpack. Whilst exploring the Polar Regions we came across some penguins! Very silly penguins who all taught us a new dance. We also played some Arctic games to finish off the day!

Meditation: Big Question

For meditation we used Lego to answer a question. We each had one piece of Lego to give our answer to the question. We built towers if our answers linked together.


Melting Ice

In Science we tested what materials would slow down the melting of an ice cube. On our tables we had the following: tin foil, bubble wrap, cling film, paper and card. First we wrote adjectives to describe the materials and then we predicted what would happen with each material and then tested it. We discovered that the tin foil was able to slow down the melting of the ice cube.

No Pens Day

The children have loved exploring different ways of learning that does not involve having to do any writing or even picking up a pencil! The children started off the day with their Gruffalo performance and enjoyed watching all the other KS1 classes perform. Then they did some finger painting and created their own woodland trees! We also got crafty by making our own cotton wool polar bear masks and some beautifully decorated hedgehogs, ready to use next week!


After break both year 1 classes joined together and explored using all their different senses. There were tables for tasting, smelling, optical illusions, a feely bag and a listening corner. Children tried a variety of puzzles and foods and used their taste buds and noses to work out the answer. 


Building Number Sentences

This week the children have been building and writing their own number sentences. They worked in their groups to build a number sentence and had to make sure they were in the right order.

Howe Park Wood

Year 1 had an excellent day out at Howe Park Wood at the start of the week!  The children loved being able to get out into the woods and go exploring. We started off our day learning all about the different trees, food and water around the woods. Then the class got to build their own shelters and test to make sure they wouldn’t get wet if they camped underneath! Safe to say we had some very successful shelters built! In the afternoon the children went Gruffalo and Superworm hunting! Although we didn’t find where the Gruffalo was hiding, we did find some very large Gruffalo footprints and Mrs Revell even had a close encounter with him! However, we did manage to find where Superworm was hiding after some digging.

Mapping the School Playground

This week we have been looking at maps and the different symbols we use to identify where things are on a map. The children went out in their groups and built their own maps of the playground.


This term in Science we are looking at animals and learning about life cycles and we have been lucky enough to have chicks join us in our classroom. The children have loved watching the eggs hatch and being able to see the chicks grow. The class have been brilliant, looking after the chicks, making sure they always have plenty of food and water and that they are keeping warm under the heated lamp.