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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 6M

The Old Testament

As part of their learning about the Bible, Year 6 focused in on the Old Testament. To help us learn about the different types of book in the Old Testament, we designed, made and tested a game. They had a great time creating these educational and fun games!


To begin their Geography topic of the USA, Year 6 had great fun completing a jigsaw puzzle of the 50 US states!  Once their jigsaws were complete, they used their atlas and map work skills to locate and label a selection of capital cities and physical geography features.


Year 6 had a very noisy afternoon playing the glockenspiel. They had great fun learning to play a jazzy tune and even had a go at improvising a short section!


Year 6M had a real treat today by watching and taking part in a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by the Young Shakespeare Company. It was extremely exciting and the children are looking forward to continuing their learning about Shakespeare and Macbeth after half term.

Praying The Rosary

In their meditation this week, the children reflected on the Luminous Mysteries as we prayed the rosary.

Tantalising Trifles

The children had a wonderful time making trifles this morning. Linking to our topic work of Shakespearean England, they made an Elizabethan-inspired trifle, which they then enjoyed eating.

October – The Month Of The Holy Rosary

The children worked in groups to produce posters about how to pray the Rosary. Each group looked at one of the Luminous Mysteries. They learnt about the Bible story linked with their mystery, thought about the prayers needed to pray their section of the Rosary and posed questions about their mystery. They all showed great collaboration skills and produced some lovely, educational posters!


Circuit Challenges

Working in pairs, the children tried to create working circuits for a range of challenges. They solved problems and used great teamwork to get the components to work. Well done!

Shakespeare Information Hunt

The children had a very informative afternoon finding out about Shakespeare. They went on an information hunt around the classroom before working in groups to make an information poster. They look fantastic!