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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2

Shopping with real money

Our classroom became a shop and we all went shopping with £1. We had fun buying lots of items, using the correct coins if possible. The shop keepers had to work really hard to work out the correct change! 


Fire, Fire!

We made our own Tudor houses to recreate Pudding Lane in London in 1666. Once it was all set up, we set fire to the bakery and watched London go up in flames!  We then worked together to put the fire out. 


Christmas Selection Boxes

Jessica asked her class 2TL, to help her donate and collect chocolate selection boxes for the food bank. She really wanted to give something to those people less fortunate than herself, so together with her class they donated 48 boxes altogether. Well done! 

Baby Dragons!

The dragon egg cracked open and out came 2 lovely little dragons! Sally, the dragon expert, came in to tell us all about them and took them away to look after them. 

Dragon Medicine

Class 2TL received a strange, but wonderful, letter from the land of the dragons! In this letter it told us that we needed to write a set of instructions on how to make a magic medicine to wake all the sleeping dragons. We all worked very hard at writing our instructions using some very strange ingredients!

All of these strange ingredients were delivered to our class and we had to follow the instructions carefully to make the medicine. If it fizzed and bubbled then we had made it correctly. Can you see if we made it correctly or not? 


The Hanson Environmental Centre

We had a fantastic time at The Hanson Centre, looking at different habitats.  We found out how old a hedgerow was by looking at the different species of trees in it. We could not believe that one of the hedgerows was 600 years old!


While at the centre we went pond dipping and found lots of amazing creatures living in the pond. Some of our favourite things that we found were water scorpions, pond snails, small fish and lots of water boatmen. 

Numbers in between!

For our creative maths lesson 2TL selected two numbers and placed them on the ends of their number line. Then they tried to work out all the numbers in between.