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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is a sum in the region of £1320.00 per annum for the academic year 2018/19 given to our school in respect of each child currently eligible for Free School Meals (or who has been in the previous six years), Looked After Children and children of services families.


The aim of the funding is to raise achievement and improve outcomes for these pupils. For the academic year 2017/18, our school received the sum of £26400.00 Pupil Premium funding and it is estimated to be in the region of £11,800 for 2018/19.


This funding is used by our school in a variety of ways in order to improve each child’s academic attainment, including helping overcome any barriers to their potential enjoyment of relevant opportunities in school life.


The funding provides a range of benefits, including additional support from teachers and teaching assistants, either on a one to one basis or as part of groups, both in and out of class.


 On top of general support, such support relates currently to specific areas of learning or provision including:- SoundsWrite (phonics); daily reading practice; reading comprehension; writing composition; handwriting; spelling; speaking, listening and communication (including the Time to Talk program); numeracy; feedback on work and progress; target setting and booster groups.


Where a child receiving such funding has special educational needs, including those entitling them to additional funding besides Pupil Premium, such support is in accordance with their Individual Education Plan where relevant. This includes the costs of professionals employed from outside school to inform and supplement our provision.


There is also support for costs to our school and to families including those relating to school uniform, school meals, club membership, music lessons, day and residential trips and staff training.


The school evaluates the impact of the funding on each child entitled with regard to academic progress and children’s active involvement in school life.


Pupil Premium 2017-2018

School: St Thomas Aquinas School

Number of pupils: 310

Number of Pupils eligible for PP: 16

Total PP budget: £26,400

2017/2018 KS2 Results – Summer 2018



Pupil Eligible for PP (8)

National Benchmark

Pupils not eligible for PP (48)

National Benchmark

% achieving expected standard and above:  Reading





% achieving expected standard and above: Writing





% achieving expected standard and above: Maths





% achieving expected standard and above in RWM





Barriers to future attainment

Action / Targeted Approach using PP funding

Speech and Language development (including EAL)

Individual needs identified and support provided as necessary focusing on Early Years and KS1.


S&L trained TA to work with children 1:1.

Application of Maths Skills through reasoning and problem solving.

Big Maths Programme – To identify gaps in children’s knowledge and address these.

Resources to be purchased to enhance the maths curriculum and to link it to real life situations. (convince me cards, real life maths books)

Intervention groups to be set up and PP children to be part of group.


Enjoyment of Reading and Writing.

Beanstalk reading intervention - children to be given the opportunity to meet with reading leader on a 1:1 basis.

Access to Sounds-Write intervention groups.

Y6 Specialist English teacher to work to raise attainment.

School fund visits from authors to inspire children.

Children with dyslexic tendencies to be identified and appropriate provisions and support have been timetabled.

Staff training

Areas for development have been identified and staff training has been carefully scheduled using outside agencies such as EMA and specifically planned in-house training focussed on areas such as interventions, developing support plans, identification of needs, Pupil Premium, assessment etc… for all teaching staff. This has begun to develop consistency across the school.

Pastoral support

Provision for children and families who would benefit from pastoral support e.g. Rainbows.  

Financial cost for families.

Trips – paid for to ensure every child is given the same opportunities without financial burden being placed on families.

Uniform / meals – school to pay for.

Wrap around care – Breakfast / afterschool club spaces to be allocated to PP children and school to fund.

Clubs – Cost of clubs to ensure same opportunities are available to all.




This page will be reviewed and updated December 2019.