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“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1


SEM Day was actually SEM Week in 2013! The week started with a visit to The Big Bang Fair in London.


Twelve children form Years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to be ‘picked out of a hat’ for a trip to London to experience the Big Bang Fair! The children were very excited and, during lunchtime, planned the timetable of workshops and activities from the Big Bang Fair website. We then put together a programme and timetable for the day to make the most of the experience.


On Friday 15th March 2013 the twelve children, Mrs Durcan, Mrs Walter and Mrs Coulson set off on a mini-bus to London ExCeL and had an amazing day! The children watched a show all about mutant genes and how we might be super heroes providing we have the write gene mutation! They also launched space rockets, met Bridget and Bruno, the models of the machines being sent to Mars, and some of us even performed heart surgery! We got to find out why our snot is green (much to the teachers' disgust) and we saw the back of our eyes and the main blood vessels which take the images we see to our brain.


Overall the children had a wonderful day and experienced a variety of exciting scientific things! Well done to all of those children for being a credit to our school.

During Science Week we had lots of visitors and exciting opportunities!

On Monday children did an Iron experiment with Mrs Okibe, involving Kellogg Cornflakes, they had a go at 3D mapping on the Interactive Whiteboard with Mr Navin and groups of children had a go at making bouncy balls using glue!


On Tuesday we had Boffin Rob visit us with a selection of cool experiments. He showed us hydrogen peroxide and what happens when you mix it with different chemicals and we saw an exciting explosion! He demonstrated how hot air balloons float by using a hair dryer, ping pong ball, balloon and then even got out a leaf blower to show stronger force. The children then had workshops throughout the day to learn about flying and how aeroplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons fly in the air. We even tried to fly ourselves! We ended the day with 10 second count down and finally…. a rocket launch!


On Wednesday, Dr Death visited us to show us a number of disease and medicines which sadly did not treat the diseases effectively. He explained all about a doctor who had no qualifications and had a record time for how quick he could amputate a limb. Sadly on one of his ‘record’ attempts three people died from accidental amputations and a heart attack! Medicine has progressed quite a bit! How lucky we are!