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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 5M

Science Day

Today we did all things science and had a very busy day exploring lots of different things. We firstly did a fact hunt to find out about energy.  We really enjoyed the special visit from Tesla and found out lots about electric cars. We did an experiment based on craters, linked to our current science topic ‘Space’. Our volcano gave off a fizz in our eruption for the volcano competition and last but not least, we found out about star constellations and had a go at trying to form our own in the classroom. It was a great day with lots of super knowledge and skills gained!

Viking Longhouse

Today we had Martin in from Architecture Workshops and had an excellent morning constructing our very own Viking longhouse. We worked excellently as a group to do this, developing our DT skills as well as envisaging how the Vikings would have lived all those years ago!

Christmas Party

We made amazing eco-friendly hats for Christmas Party Day. We used paper, card, colouring pencils, scissors and any scraps we had in the classroom. Everybody’s hat was extremely creative and looked excellent at the party!


Things got messy in the classroom as we have come to the end of our topic on materials. To recap we had the chance to make slime and comment on the different properties as well as if it was reversible, irreversible, soluble or insoluble.

MK Dons

This half term we have been extremely lucky to have MK Dons in to teach us about football and the impact sport and healthy eating has on our bodies. We have completed a series of both theory and practical PE lessons and thoroughly enjoyed learning with our visitors Jamie and Harry.

Supermarket Chaos!

Lots of different materials were all mixed together! We had to use our science skills to try and separate them. We learnt lots of key words today such as evaporation, decanting, sifting/sieving and filtering. 


Today we acted out moments where we have to wait in everyday life. We were thinking about the lead up to Christmas and how during Advent we wait patiently for the Messiah to be born. 


Mrs Elijah came to visit us to tell us all about Passover. We learnt a lot about what they eat during this time and even got to try some of it ourselves. We had a very informative and valuable morning.

Wear Green, Go Green

We celebrated Eco Day by wearing green clothes to represent our unity in becoming more environmentally cautious. To become more aware of what we can do to help our world, we started an experiment to test how biodegradable different items are including: foam, leaves, plastic and a slice of apple.  We will check the results in a month’s time!

Maths Ambassadors

Maths Ambassadors from St Paul’s came to visit us and brought us some very tricky maths challenges. We all took great effort and time with each challenge, being very resilient in our approach. It was great to see the children so engaged and enjoying their practical maths.

No Pens' Day

No Pens’ Day is a great opportunity to try out some speaking and listening activities as well as practical and creative tasks. In 5M we were very successful in our debate, winning the proposition with some strong techniques used. We also had a chance to have a walking debate about key topics in our class, bringing in some philosophical questions on sharing things in our world. The pupils had interesting opinions and all voiced them very well! We looked at Australian aboriginal dot paintings and designed our own as well as trying out some tricky Japanese origami.


Instead of using just our maths methods and usual methods to divide, we used blocks to have a go at dividing larger calculations together. The children worked together well as a group and enjoyed this slightly different way of showing their maths work.


We were very lucky that two of 5M’s classmates led a beautiful meditation about people in poverty, linking to our topic ‘Around the World’. We listened to some scripture and responded with how we could help those in poverty both locally and in other countries.  We shared prayers for these people.

Ancient Egyptian Day

We had a really busy and exciting Egyptian Day to finish off our history topic. We started off the day with mummifying some apples – we will check up on these in another couple of weeks to see the results! We also did a scavenger hunt to crack the hieroglyphics code, made a beautiful Egyptian collar and praised the sun god Ra. A great day was had and everybody looked fantastic in their Egyptian costumes.

First Aid

Our first aid course was a fantastic opportunity. We learned how to put someone in the recovery position and assess the situation using DRSABC. It was a very valuable and informative afternoon. Year 5M asked some excellent questions and engaged really well with our visitor! 

European Day of Languages

For European Day of Languages we celebrated the work of Spanish artist Picasso. We were inspired by his paintings to create portraits using his Cubism style. We then shared our fantastic Picasso portraits with 5D in our very own ‘art exhibition’.

Properties of Different Materials

We investigated the properties of different materials and learnt some new keywords to use when describing them. We worked with plastic, fabric, metal, stone and sponge to test their absorbency, permeability and translucency. We enjoyed our investigation and came to some excellent conclusions in our evaluations.