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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 1OD

Holy Spirit Day

Today we celebrated the day of the Holy Spirit. We listened carefully to the story of the Holy Spirit before acting it out ourselves. We used strips of red and yellow paper to represent the flames that were seen above the apostles’ heads.


As Pentecost is seen as the birth of the church we decided to have a birthday party for the church. We had juice and cake! After that, we learnt about the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’. We thought about the things we were all good at and the things that we would like to improve.  Finally, Maryann from the Children’s Ministry came to see us and we created a flame collage using our hands.

Woburn Safari Park

Year One had a fantastic day out at Woburn Safari Park. We enjoyed driving around on the coach to see lots of amazing animals up close. We saw: lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, bears and wolves - just to name a few!  After having our lunch and playing some games in the sun we were lucky enough to see a sea lion show. We saw a sea lion performing some great tricks and then we watched a 3D movie. What a fun-packed day!

Science Week

From 18th -22nd April we celebrated Science Week in school. 1OD’s famous scientist was Sir David Attenborough. We spent our first lesson learning about who he is and why he is famous. We really enjoyed watching some clips of him on television. We then began to think about plants and we went outside to do some observational drawings. Finally we used one of Sir David Attenborough’s programmes to learn about some of the world’s most dangerous plants: The Carnivorous Pitcher Plant, The Venus Fly Trap and The Oleander. As well as this we had lots of fun taking part in the whole school Jelly Tower challenge! What a busy but fun week we had!

DT Ice Sculptures

In Design Technology last term the children enjoyed studying ice sculptures with Mrs Atherton. They used flowers, glitter and food colouring to create their very own sculptures that were really impressive.

Polar Explorer Day

Yesterday (23rd November) we had a very special visitor in school for the day. His name was Nabs and he was a Polar explorer. Nabs told us all about the work that he does and the places that he had been. He brought lots of Polar gear with him that we were even allowed to try on! We learnt that they have to wear a lot of layers in Antarctica.


Nabs also taught us what blubber was and we had a go at making a ‘blubber glove’ using messy lard! When we put our hand in the glove and into a bucket of cold water we couldn’t feel the cold.  It was a brilliant day!

Camping Experience

This week we enjoyed a camping experience out on the playground. We thought about what we would need to take and wrote a list together. While we were outside we all had a chance to go inside the tent, play some traditional games, sing camping songs and have some delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows. What a great afternoon!

Trip to Wendover Woods

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to Wendover Woods. We were very excited to go on a Superworm Trail and even saw the Gruffalo! We also had the chance to build some dens in the woods using branches and twigs that we found lying around.