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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 4F

Amulet Art

Today we created our amulets out of clay. We learned key vocabulary linked to clay and what this meant. We also examined different modelling tools and discussed which ones would be appropriate for designing patterns, smoothing and more! Finally, we created our finished pieces and once they were dry we painted them!

Runny Liquids

We conducted an experiment to see which liquid was the runniest – it got a little messy but we learned that water was the runniest and tomato ketchup was the most viscous!


In our Topic lessons we are learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. We worked hard to create posters, which explained why the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain, and made sure we included technical language, some facts and made it eye catching too!

Class Assembly

Well done to Year 4F on their fantastic class assembly! You all spoke really clearly and the songs were fantastic. You definitely delivered a performance to remember!

Electric Night Light

Year 4F had a fantastic day creating electric night lights! We had to carefully create a working circuit with a bulb that would light up. We then made a switch to turn the light on and off and designed a casing that would appeal to younger children.

Maya Day

We had an excellent day with “Big Nose” from Ancient Maya. We learnt how to count, what was involved in Maya sacrifice, did drama and took part in the Creation Story! It was an excellent day and we learnt a lot.

Science Day

Year 4 had a fantastic Science day today! We discussed why science was important and what jobs you could do in the future if you work hard in Science. We then conducted a range of investigations, testing different materials to find out whether they were conductors or insulators. We then learned lots and saw some amazing demonstrations from Chemical Chris, which was very exciting. In the afternoon, we created sound proof ear-muffs and then finished the day by watching Chemical Chris launch a rocket into the sky by mixing Mentos and fizzy drinks! What a brilliant day we have all had!

Feast Day

We had a fantastic day celebrating St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day! We learnt all about the life of St Thomas Aquinas and thought about what some of the different quotes he said, meant. We also had great fun making our bookmarks and then enjoyed playing games together as a class!


This term we have been enjoying learning about how sound is made! We placed rice on drums and then banged on them to see the rice vibrating. This helped us to learn that sound is created through vibrations.

Landfill Site

We began our topic in Geography by creating our own mini landfill sites by burying rubbish in foil. We will check on them in six weeks to see if anything has happened to the rubbish.  What do you predict will happen?

Christmas Party

Year 4F had a fantastic Christmas party day; we played lots of games and had lots of fun!

Eggshells Experiment

Today, we conducted an investigation to check which liquids do the most damage to eggshells. We put an egg into three different liquids – coke, milk and water. We ensured it was a fair test by measuring the volume of liquid and placing the cups containing the eggs in the same area. Can you predict what will happen?

No Pens’ Day

Year 4F had a fantastic day where they were challenged to learn without writing!  Firstly, we discussed the importance of communicating through speaking and listening. We then practised our speaking and listening through debates. Later, we had a lot of fun learning about equivalent fractions through playing a fraction pizza game.  In the afternoon, we continued to practise our dance in P.E and then got creative in RE - creating advent wreaths.

Inspiration Day

Year 4 have had a fantastic WW2 inspiration day! They had a wonderful morning, tasting a variety of cakes and evaluating them as part of their DT topic. They then worked together and baked their own cakes, which they were able to take home with them, I hope they were yummy! In the afternoon, the class worked hard to produce some amazing Blitz-inspired art work. What a brilliant day!

Digestive System

Year 4F had a great time getting their hands dirty and learning about how the different parts of the digestive system function!

Orienteering - The Parks Trust

Year 4 had a great time in Campbell Park, learning about orienteering. We learnt how to use a compass and used it to navigate ourselves from the cricket pavilion to the beacon on top of Campbell Park Hill!

Invertebrate Hunt

Today, 4F had a great afternoon exploring the trim trail and areas around it to look for invertebrates! We found a centipede, spiders, ants, woodlice and spiders. 

Roman Numerals

This week, Year 4F have been learning about Roman Numerals in our Maths lessons. We learnt about the history of Roman numerals and that they began around 2,500 years ago. We also found out that the symbol ‘1’ probably began as a single tally mark made in wood or dirt as a way of counting and recording! Once we were able to understand how Roman numerals worked, we looked at secret coded messages that were written in Roman Numerals and used our knowledge to crack a code!

Compass Points

We had lots of fun, going outside and using chalk to draw our own compasses. We recapped what we knew about 4 point and 8 point compasses. 

Marvellous Maps

In their Geography lessons, 4F have been learning about different types of maps and their purpose! They have shown a good understanding of why we use different maps and labelled these on our classroom display too! Keep up the good work.


Year 4F really enjoyed their basketball taster session today with Hotshots – lots of children managed to shoot the ball into the hoop straight away!

Leaf Art

This week, Year 4F have been working hard practising their drawing techniques in their Art lesson! They put a lot of effort into practising their hatching, and cross-hatching amongst other techniques. They then applied this to their observational drawing of a leaf – keep up the fantastic work!


Today, the class began their exciting music lessons with Mrs Guina! They learned the different parts of a guitar and learned how to handle it safely. They are now looking forward to learning to play some notes in the next couple of weeks!