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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 2TL

Tudor Day

2TL had a lovely day celebrating all things Tudor! We made our own masks for our Tudor banquet, designed our own coat of arms, ate Tudor style food and danced like Tudors.

Saint George’s Day – 29th April

St George is the patron saint of England, as well as many other countries, including Greece and Portugal. He is famous for supposedly killing a dragon.  We found out that George was a real person who was born in Palestine in 280 AD and joined the Roman army. He was executed in his early 20s for refusing to offer a sacrifice to the Roman Gods.  We read the legend of St George and the dragon, which began being told in the 11th century. We discussed that the dragon may have represented the devil, while St George represented Christianity. We painted our own pictures of St George slaying the dragon.  


Banana Squash

2TL practised using their science skills to observe, measure and record the changes to a banana when different forces were applied to it. The banana was bent, chopped and squashed and the children recorded what it looked like, its smell, colour and weight each time. Great science 2TL!


Rainbow Rain

George’s Grandma’s new improved medicine makes her bulge and swell and turns her face from purple to green! We tried to create something much prettier in this experiment - rainbow rain!

George’s Medicine!

We mixed up some recipes for George’s medicines using the correct measurement of each ingredient. We then noted the colour of the medicine and how many millilitres of potion we had made in total.

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross took us on a prayerful journey of Jesus’s final moments. As a class we tried to understand how Jesus might have felt and how the actions of others during his time of suffering can teach us how to show kindness, courage and respect always.

Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday we spent some time reflecting on how we could use our time during Lent to be closer to God. We discussed that Lent is a time for reflection and preparation and so we made plans about what we were going to focus on during this time.

Roald Dahl Trip

We went to the Roald Dahl gallery in Aylesbury to find out all about Roald Dahl and his amazing books.  We had a great time exploring the gallery and in the afternoon we made our own dream bottles! 

Feast Day

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”    St Thomas Aquinas  

On St Thomas Aquinas’s feast day we looked at his quote about true friendship. Together we discussed how we can show others our hand of friendship. We also wrote a class prayer to ask us to be more like St Thomas.       


We had our own shop set up in class and had to use exactly the right coins to pay for the different items

Dragon Medicine

Year 2TL received a strange, but wonderful, letter from the land of the dragons! In this letter it told us that we needed to write a set of instructions on how to make a magic medicine to wake all the sleeping dragons! We all worked very hard at writing our instructions using some very strange ingredients! All these strange ingredients were delivered to our class and we had to follow the instructions carefully to make the medicine. If it fizzed and bubbled then we had made it correctly. Can you see if we made it correctly or not?


The Great Fire of London

Our class assembly was all about The Great Fire of London. We learnt lots of interesting things about the fire and about Samuel Pepy’s diary.  The children all spoke beautifully with really loud, clear voices!

Synagogue Visit

Year 2TL visited the Synagogue in Giffard Park to find out about where Jewish people worship.  At the Synagogue, the children learnt about the similarities and differences that it has to a Christian Church. They were able to have a look at lots of special items that are kept in a synagogue; have a go at writing some Hebrew letters and they even got to read from the Torah.

Primary Engineers’ Day – St Paul's School

Year 2TL became primary engineers, designing and making their own cars on our trip to St Paul’s. Using an old shoe box as the base for their car, the children decorated it using lots of different materials. Once the axle and wheels were put on to their cars the testing began. The children let their cars roll down a ramp and measured whose vehicle went the furthest. The children had a great day. Thank you St Paul’s School for organising it. 

Year 2 Scientists

Year 2TL visited Linford Lakes Nature Reserve on 4th October. The children collected and identified a variety of mini-beasts which live in different habitats and discussed how each insect was adapted to the place where it was found. They went pond-dipping and insect-hunting, learnt how to identify types of trees and found out about the life-cycle of a plant. Great fun with great learning!



In our maths lesson we made our own 2 and 3 digit numbers and then ordered them from the smallest to the biggest.