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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 5W

Chopping Skills

This half term, we have been practising our chopping skills in DT. We practised chopping using the bridge method and the claw grip on playdough before we transferred our skills to real fruit! We had so much fun!


We had a special visit from Mrs Elijah who discussed the Passover with the children. She showed them the different foods eaten and why they are significant to the Jewish faith. This included matzah, parsley and a range of dips that Mrs Elijah had specially made for the children. The children did some food tasting and they loved trying different foods.

Respond Lesson

We have completed our first RE topic ‘Life choices.’ During our Respond lesson, we reflected on our learning from this topic. We worked in small groups to plan each stage of our class worship. We all came together to decide how we were going to take forth what we have learnt in our day to day lives.

Class Assembly

Year 5W have rehearsed  and worked really hard to practise their words, songs and cool facts to share with everyone! They gave a fantastic performance on the Ancient Egyptians. We think they looked great! Well done!

Death Masks

During art, the children have been learning about death masks in the style of Tutankhamun. They designed,  used papier mâché and decorated their very own death masks! It was a lot of fun.

Separating Materials

We looked at using different materials to separate items such as pasta, rice, sand and water. We then made our own filters from paper towels, fabric and cleaning cloths to separate the sand and water solution. We were trying to create a filter that would clean a dirty water sample. Finally, we used filter paper to see if it filtered better than our material filters. We thought about the terminology - insoluble, soluble and dissolve.