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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3C


On Wednesday 15th April, Miss Wardman came and did a rock talk for Year 3. We learnt about all different types of rocks, volcanoes and fossils. We got to feel different rocks and fossils and we even got to smash rocks into powder! Here are some photos of what we saw. At break time, we went and found different rocks in the playground to show Miss Wardman. It was great fun and very informative. 

Hooray for Homework!

This last half term, the children have brought in some amazing homework, from Roman shields to lego Roman houses and a magnetic race track!  Here are some of our efforts.

Roman Day

On Tuesday 17th March, we had a Roman Banquet Day! We all dressed up as Romans (including Mrs Clements, renamed Julia Caesar), made Roman cakes, had a Roman market and finished our day with a delicious Roman banquet prepared by Mrs MacQueen and Mrs Foxall. It was great fun!

World Book Day

For World Book Day, we dressed up as characters from a book. 3C put in loads of effort and looked amazing. To celebrate, we had an author called Charlotte Guillain do a non-fiction workshop with us. We also shared our favourite books, did an activity based on Lost and Found and had a story read to us by Mrs Palmer. It was a fun-packed day!


In Numeracy, we are starting to learn about different types of measure. We have started by learning about length and the different ways to measure length.  We also discussed ‘old’ ways of measuring, such as feet, yards and miles! For our activity, some children became tailors and others went and measured different parts of the school. It was great fun!


As part of our Romans topic, we are learning about Roman Myths. Some children acted the myth of Romulus and Remus, and then performed it to the class. As a twist, they changed the ending!  They did really well. 

Roman Formations

As part of our Roman topic, we have been learning about the Roman Army and their formations. We had fun marching liked a Roman Army! Here we are looking very fierce. 

The Romans!

We have been having great fun learning all about the Romans!  We have written adverts and letters to persuade people to join the Roman Army and lots of people have made shields for homework.  We even have a Lego model of a Roman house!  To see a persuasive letter, have a look at the Lend Me Your Literacy website to see Gregory’s example!  Well done to you all.



We have been learning about light and shadow this half term. We now understand how a shadow is formed and why. We have learnt the meanings of transparent, translucent and opaque and been finding materials with these properties round the classroom and school. We have also made our own stained glass windows and shadows with our bodies!

Creative Maths

We have been learning about 3d shapes. We had a go at making 3d shapes from marshmallows and spaghetti. We worked together to make different shapes, some successful but some needed a bit of support to stand up! The marshmallows were our vertices and the spaghetti the edges. Can you guess what shapes these are?

Trip to Verulamium St Albans

As part of our Roman Topic, we visited The Verulamium Museum in St Albans. We got to handle Roman artefacts, see a huge mosaic floor and learnt lots about The Romans. We also got to dress up!

Lend me Your Literacy

We have had our first piece of work published! Selina is our 1st published writer with her playscript, Duchess Comes to Town. Go to to find out more.

Year 3 Sculpture walk

We had a lovely walk in Campbell Park to learn all about sculpture. We saw 8 different sculptures, made from lots of different materials. We also saw MK Rose and read some of the pillars. We had a ranger from The Parks Trust telling us all about the sculptures, she even allowed us to touch them!  We had lots of fun and will now be making our own sculptures.


Mrs Elijah came to teach us all about Shabbat. She showed us lots of different objects and explained the meaning of them. We had to look for the Star of David on all the objects. Mrs Elijah recited some Jewish prayers and explained what they meant in English. She also taught us some blessings, we lit candles and even got to taste some special bread. 


Celtic Harmony

At the end of last term, we went on a trip to Celtic Harmony. We had learnt about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age in our Topic lessons and were able to experience being a Stone Age boy and girl!  We built dens, made fire, designed and made necklaces and did cave paintings. We had people telling us lots about life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and even got to go in a roundhouse (it was bigger than we thought it would be!). We had a great time!