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St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Year 3C

Roman Day

To finish our Roman Topic, we all participated in a Roman Day, even the teachers! We all dressed up as Romans and did lots of activities. First, we baked Roman cakes with Mrs Walter. Then we made our own Roman mosaics. To finish the day, we had a Roman banquet. We got to eat how the Romans would have eaten and try some foods the Romans would have ate. We also had our own vomitorium, where Romans used to vomit after eating too much. It came complete with a purple feather to tickle our throats!   It was great fun and a good way to end the topic. 

St Albans’ Verulamium Museum

As part of our Roman topic, we went to the Verulamium Museum. We were able to see and feel real Roman artefacts, made our own mosaics and got to explore the museum as well as see a huge mosaic floor! It was a fun trip. 

Edible Roman Road

Mrs Clements gave us a challenge to make an edible Roman road following some instructions! We first discussed what instructions were and what makes good instructions. Then we discussed the instructions we were given and decided that some equipment had been left out! We then followed the instructions to make our own Roman road! We all found using the custard creams difficult but we all had loads of fun! 

Explora Box

On Monday 18th January, Amy from Explora Box came in to tell us all about Roman Myths. We learnt the myth of Romulus and Remus, and the myth of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus! We did lots of activities related to these, including acting out parts of them and thinking about the characters and the themes. It was loads of fun! 


Today, we have been playing the ‘Nasty’ game. We had the digits 0-9 and worked in pairs or threes. We had to pick a number and decide if it should go in the 100s, 10s or 1s/units column. We had to make the biggest number to win.  To be nasty, we could put the digits in our rivals’ columns so their number was smaller! It was loads of fun. Some of us won by getting the lowest number! 


This week is Judaism week. On Monday 16th November, Mrs Elijah came into class to tell us all about Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. She explained how Jews celebrate Shabbat, told us some Jewish prayers in Hebrew and demonstrated the blessing of the bread and wine. She explained that Jews bless bread and wine to thank God for the food and drink we have. She also lit the Shabbat candles including the special candle known as Havdalah, which has 6 wicks, representing how many days it took God to create the world.  At the end of the talk we even got to try some of the bread, known as Challah.


Mrs Elijah also discussed with us some of the similarities with Judaism and Catholicism, including the fact we pray to the same God.


We have started our new Topic in Science, Forces and Magnets. Our first lesson was learning about pushes and pulls. We worked with a partner to freeze frame an action while the class decided if it was a push or pull action. We had great fun coming up with lots of different ideas. 

Campbell Park

On Tuesday 10th November, we went to Campbell Park for a sculpture walk. We learnt about six different sculptures that are placed around Campbell Park, including Head, Circle Dance and the Gnomon. We learnt what materials they were made from and if the materials were man-made or natural. We got to touch them and we even danced around Circle Dance!


We had to climb a really steep hill to see Milton Keynes beacon but it was worth it! Our final sculpture was Chain Reaction and we had fun trying to guess what it represented. Nicky our ranger was great and loved all our ideas.


We even got the chance to make our own sculptures for the natural materials around us!  We are now looking forward to our junk modelling session using our walk for inspiration. 

No Pens’ Day

On Friday 9th October, the whole school celebrated No Pens Day. In Year 3, we had fun on the LearnPads, with a choice of activities from Spanish and Skeletons through to Literacy and Numeracy games. After break we learnt all about 3D shapes and had to build our own using spaghetti and marshmallows. We learnt what vertices meant (a mathematical word for corners) and these were our marshmallows. The edges were the spaghetti.


After lunch, we had our debating competition.  3C were arguing that junk food should be banned in school. Both teams put up a great argument for proposition and opposition, but in the end the proposition were triumphant!  

The Big Draw

On Friday 2nd October, the entire school took part in the Big Draw. In 3C, we linked this to our Stone Age topic and painted a Woolly Mammoth. We were not allowed to use paintbrushes, so instead we used our hands! We also found leaves and sticks to decorate it and added some wool to add to the effect. It was a brilliant afternoon and our woolly mammoth is now proudly on display in our classroom.

Love One Another

We listened to the words of John who told us that what Jesus said was most important.


I give you a new rule.

It’s this: love one another.

You must love one another just as I have loved you.

If you have love for one another everyone will recognise that you are My disciples. (John 13: 34-35)


We discussed how love is shown in our families and produced a mindmap showing all our ideas. It was a very thoughtful and reflective RE session. 


Bradwell Abbey

On Monday 21st September, we went to Bradwell Abbey for a pre-history day. We learnt all about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and about the Copper Age too! We got to handle artefacts from these times and also got to feel a real mammoth’s tusk found at Willen Lake! We listened to Iron Age stories (some were a little scary, others were funny) and went on a twig hunt to do cave art and also made our own torcs. It was a fun day! 


On Thursday 17th September, we played tiddlywinks! We threw counters and each number it landed on we wrote down. When we had a range of numbers (from 3 to 6) we added them up. It was great fun. 

Cave Art

As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been learning about cave art. Mrs Guina showed us how to draw using mud, sand mixed with lard and charcoal. We were not allowed to use paint brushes so we used sticks, feathers, leaves and our own hands instead! It was great fun and we produced some fabulous cave art! 

Our Class Beatitudes

We worked together to write our class beatitudes. These are our way of behaving in class, respecting each other and God. We will work as a team to follow our beatitudes.