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“I have called you by your name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1

Spanish Day



This year’s Spanish Celebration Day was another fantastic success. The guests of honour were Tomas Jimenez, who once again wowed us with his fantastic Spanish guitar playing, and his wife Maria Jose, who is a professional flamenco dancer. Maria Jose has also been helping our brand new flamenco dance troupe to perfect their routines. Years 4, 5 and 6 all enjoyed their flamenco lessons with Tomas and Maria Jose and the whole school were excited and impressed by the brilliant flamenco performance by the school dance troupe and Maria Jose.


It was magnificent to have help from some of our Spanish speaking parents. This meant that as well as having their normal Spanish lessons with their teachers, children could benefit from learning from other native speakers.


It was brilliant to see every class perform a song, dance or sketch in Spanish for us at the start of the day. The level of Spanish was excellent and certainly impressed our visitors from St. Paul’s. We were very grateful to have Mrs. Palmieri and the Year 12 students at school. They played games with children throughout the school and they taught us about various Spanish speaking countries. Reception enjoyed doing some Spanish role plays as well as playing games with the parachute.


Spanish music, Spanish art and Spanish dance all took place on the day and, thanks to Years 1,3 and 5, the whole school got to enjoy some Spanish food as well! The enchiladas and tapas they made were delicious.


Well done to everyone involved!



Our Spanish Celebration Day took place on Friday 27th June and it was a great success. Visitors witnessed some magnificent flamenco guitar played by Tomás Jiménez; were wined and dined by the staff from Ortega Restaurant; enjoyed performances by the Flamenco Dance Troupe and the key stage 1 and key stage 2 Spanish clubs; said hello to our twin school in Murcia via videoconference and helped us celebrate the official opening of our new Spanish courtyard.


The hall was decorated beautifully with work done by children from all classes. There were Picasso-inspired canvasses made by the children of year 5 with the help of our artist in residence, Liz Sheppard. At the start of the day, after we had listened to Tomás play, the Key Stage 2 Spanish club members performed 'El arca de Noe' - Noah's Ark in Spanish. Some members of year 6 also worked with Liz on further Picasso-based work, while others studied the work of Dali with Mr. Wheatley.

The children of year 4C kept everyone well fed at lunchtime. They studied Mexican food before providing all of the children in the school with samples of the quesadillas and tacos they had made. 4C also honed their number knowledge when they played Bingo in Spanish.
Every class enjoyed doing Spanish activities throughout the day. Children learnt Spanish games or songs; learnt about other Spanish speaking countries and the year 3 classes even got to taste the lovely paella provided by Ortega! Year 1 had lots of fun playing parachute games in Spanish; year 3W made their own online Picasso faces on the Mr. Picasso Head website and year 2 made their own Spanish musical instruments. Years 4,5 and 6 were visited by pupils of St. Paul's, who did some Spanish drama activities with them and 4P and year 5 were lucky enough to have some guitar lessons from Tomás.
Reception had a fantastic time on Spanish Celebration Day. They listened to the story of Cinderella in Spanish, made maracas, played parachute games and played in their lovely new Spanish house: "La Casa Bella".
While children were busy in the classrooms, the flamenco dance troupe were entertaining adults. There was also paella and tapas provided by Ortega and adult Spanish lessons led by Tita Beaven from the Open University.
In the afternoon, the grand opening of our new Spanish courtyard took place. The grotto, which contains a statue of Our Lady, and the fountain in the middle of the courtyard were blessed by Deacon Noel. The courtyard looks beautiful and has been decorated by work done by children from every class of the school.