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School of the Week - 22 June 2015

St Thomas Aquinas School

To say that the work produced at St Thomas Aquinas School is popular would be an understatement. With over 5,000 views on their writing and over 500 comments, the work which is regularly published to the school's Portfolio has a large number of adoring fans. And it's easy to see exactly why. Of a consistently high quality no matter what the age of the writer, this is work which deserves to be read. Well done to all of the young authors at St Thomas Aquinas - your writing has certainly created quite a storm amongst our worldwide community!

Please follow this link to visit the LendMeYourLiteracy website. Here you can see whose writing has been published online. There will be 5 new pieces of writing from our school every week. The children will look forward to seeing how many people ‘like’ their work and they will enjoy reading any comments people make. If you would like to leave a comment on anyone’s writing, please sign up via the website.