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Academic Year 2013/2014

Hi, my name is Kelly-May and I am the new house captain for St George.  I was so surprised and shocked that I was picked to do this job and I will do my best to impress you and all of the teachers in my house.

Asyou all may know, the stage is up in the hall so we can get ready for the Christmas Panto.  We are all practising so hard to make this panto come alive!  There is practising in all of the classrooms and there is drama club on Mondays after school for all the cast.

I feel so excited and I have really got into the Christmas spirit because I am practising so much at home and school.  I love practising and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading my blog and I will see you all around school.



Hello my name is Matthew Mitchell and I am the new House Captain for Saint David.  I am honoured to have this job with the school and I promise that I will serve you well.

Thanks to the PTA, we had a brilliant disco with all sorts of treats. We had photos in the meeting room and lots of children had photos taken with their classmates. We had a buffet of small cheap snacks and they went down a treat. There were hundreds of glow sticks so you could be seen on the dance floor. Also there were brilliant prizes in the lucky dip. I’m sure everyone who went to the disco got one of those cool tattoos and I saw loads of people who had face paints. Thanks to the DJ we heard some funky tunes and joined in with his games.









When I was chosen as St Andrew's House Captain I was ecstatic and glad I was supported by all my friends.  I was honoured when I received my badge and when my house was in the lead, I was amazed!  When our house won the trophy for the second time I was calm on the outside, but really, I felt like jumping for joy.  I was very proud of Year 3P as they got 418 house points.  Keep it up!



Academic Year 2012/2013 

26th April - MoPSA by Maja


Hello readers!


"For it is in giving that we receive," Francis of Assisi once said.


According to the above quote, we ought to feel much richer after having raised plentiful cash for MoPSA. I'd like to thank all of you for going that extra mile to help those in India. In total, we raised £4923.73!


Let me take this opportunity to wish all Year 6s the best of luck in their forthcoming SATs. Do your very best!


See you next time!


Maja :-D

25th March - Easter by Isabella


Hello everyone!


As you know, the Easter Bonnet Parade will take place on Tuesday 26th March. I hope all of your bonnets are ready and I look forward to seeing them.


Also, it is Holy Week. It is a time of year when we remember what Jesus did for us. Take some time during the week to look at the Stations of the Cross in the courtyard and remember why Jesus died for us.


The whole school is doing brilliantly with the house points so keep up the good work.





25th February - Lent by Michael


Hello bloggers! It's Michael, writing to you in this edition of the House Captains' Blog. As you should all know, the Stations of the Cross are starting at our school. In the assembly we had to learn a special response which was: "We adore you O Christ and we praise you because by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world." The stations that we learnt today were the first station (Jesus is condemned to death), the second station (Jesus is given his cross) and the third station (Jesus falls for the first time). It is time for me to log off now so good by and I'll speak to you soon.



8th February - 500 Words by Niamh


Hi, it's Niamh, HC for St. David, and I'm talking to people mainly in Years 5 and 6.


The 500 words or less competition is a good way to write about your feelings and ideas for the future. If you wish to enter it, just remember, it's like writing a diary! Just be yourself and let the ideas flow onto the page! If you are stuck for ideas, visit the 500 words section on the BBC website for some tips about writing.


But remember, you only have until 22nd February to enter.


Good Luck!



1st February - World Week by Maja

Hello Readers!


It's Maja again. Today, I will be talking to you about World Week which is taking place next week (week commencing 4th January).


We are blessed in our school to have children from many different cultures/countries and this week, with the help of our teachers and parents, we are going to learn about some of them, inclduing cuisines, costumes and traditions. We will have many opportunities to appreciate the diversity amongst us.

"Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day," said Melissa Etheridge who is an American rock singer and songwriter. Let us all take this chance to learn and celebrate our uniqueness and individuality.


Don't forget that we have the Valentine's Disco on the 14th of February - a great chance to integrate, mingle and most of all to have fun! So remember to pop your forms into the box as soon as possible!


As you may already know, Lent is coming soon and, as always, we will be fundraising. This year, the charity is MoPSA. So put your thinking cap on and come up with some cosmic ideas to raise money for the less fortunate ones!

Thank you very much!



18th January - E-safety by Michael


Hi followers. It's Michael writing. Today, I'm going to talk to you about e-safety. E-safety is all about being safe when you speak to people on the internet or when you are playing online or on one of your games consoles. You should never give away person information like your real name or where you live or your phone number / email address. If you think you are being bullied online or someone you know is being bullied online, go to the Think U Know website which you can find on the school website in Homework Help. Remember this and keep safe :-)

11th January - Welcome back from Isabella


Happy New Year everyone. Hope you had a great Christmas. The pressure is on and I'm sure your teachers have a lot of writing tasks for all the classes. It's term two and the house points have started to add up. St. David came first last time so heep up with the good work and always try your best.


Good luck to everyone!

14th December - Advent by Niamh


Everyone loves chocolate, don't they? We're now getting chocolate every day in our Advent calendars but Advent isn't just about chocolate; it's about the coming of Jesus. We should prepare our Advent wreaths and light candles every Sunday at Mass. Keep this in mind and have a happy Advent!

7th December - Christmas Preparations by Maja

Hello all!


It's Maja again. I will be writing to you about Christmas and all of the events leading up to it.

The Christmas party will be held on Thursday 20th December and each class will have to bring some snacks.


Year 6: Fizzy Drinks / Fruit

Year 5B: Cakes

Year 5OL: Cheese/pineapple on sticks; sandwich fillings (ham, cheese, tuna, salmon and cherry tomatoes)

Year 4: Christmas Crackers

Year 3: Cakes

Year 2W: Crisps, nibbles and pizzas

Year 2C: Pizza, well-cooked sausages and sandwich fillings

Year 1P: Cakes

Year 1C: Crisps and nibbles

Reception: Fizzy Drinks / Fruit


Next Thursday and Friday, Year 1 and Reception will be holding a Nativity Play, both performances starting at 1.30pm.


The week after next, on the 18th and 19th of December, Years 2 and above will be having a Carol Service at All Saints Church. I am sure all of you have been practising your lines as well as the finale song: The First Nowell.


As you know, we have experienced some icy weather so please be careful as the paths and roads are slippery. If we are very lucky, we might also get some snow!


Have a safe and happy Christmas and enjoy your break!


Maja :)


3rd December - Golden Tickets and Handwriting by Isabella




Everyone has been winning golden tickets. The hall has become much quieter and everyone can now hear their friends speaking. Mr. O'Malley is really impressed. Keep up the good work. Well done!


Since I said about handwriting, everyone has improved so much. It is great to see that you have all tried your very best and maybe one day your work will be up on the handwriting display.


Keep all the house points coming and keep putting 100% into your work every day.

16th November 2012 - Children in Need by Michael


Hi, this is Michael speaking to you, the House Captain of St. Patrick.  Today (Friday 16th November) is Children in Need.  Many people in Britain will be raising money.  Our school is having a mufti day to raise money.  Other people are spending the day in their pyjamas to raise money and that is because Blue Peter is inspiring everyone to do so.  To get their message across, they went around surprising TV shows and radio stations to tell people, and even got the presenters to wear pyjamas!  At this year’s Children in Need show, Leona Lewis, One Direction, Girls Aloud and Whitney from Eastenders will be singing.  I hope you have a good weekend but don’t stay up too late to watch Children in Need because you need to do your homework!

12th November 2012 - Irish Dancing by Niamh


Hi, it's Niamh, the house captain for St. David's. I'm writing the blog this week about a massive competitoin I did at the weekend. It was the Southern Regionals for Irish Dancing.


It took place at Broxborough City Hall for three days and I danced on the first day which was Friday. I took part in two dances - the solo and the ceilidh. The solo is two dances which you dance on your own and the ceilidh is a team of eight performing a dance.


Dancers perform on a stage with five judges deciding who is good enough to qualify for the World Championships. Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the Worlds in my solo results though I came eighth in my prelim results. The Ceilidh results were very good as we came fourth and qualified for the World Championships in Boston, America!


If you have any questions about this blog, ask me.


26th October - Half Term by Maja

Half term at long last!! I hope you have all settled into your new classes and are back into your learning routine.


It is going to be an exciting week; the clocks are going back on Saturday night so we should all have some more sleep and we have Halloween on Wednesday night! I am sure most of you will be 'trick or treating' with friends or parents but remember and respect the important rule - knock only at the doors of the houses where you think you shall be welcomed. Look out for the signs such as house decorations or illuminated pumpkins. Those people who do not put up any decorations or have signs saying 'No Trick or Treating' want a peaceful evening and we should all respect that.


Have a safe and smashing half term and I shall look forward to seeing you all refreshed and ready for the new challenges of the second half of the term.



19th October 2012 - Year of Faith and Handwriting by Isabella


I am very pleased that you are all keeping up the good work and that you are collecting house points.


Year of Faith

Mr. O' Malley has spoken to us all about handwriting. Remember: Line, size, direction, joining. Always keep trying and you will reach your target very soon! Everyone is trying so don't think you are along because you are not.



We are celebrating the Year of Faith when we all come together to pray and become closer to God. This is a time when we are peaceful, calm and loving.


Good luck to everyone trying to improve their handwriting and let's enjoy the Year of Faith!

12th October 2012 - Halloween by Michael


Hi everyone. It's Michael here: the house captain of the best house, St. Patrick. I'm going to be speaking to you about halloween. Halloween is a great time for eating sweets, dressing up and having fun! Also, you get a week off school but it can also be very dangerous so be careful. Have a great time and I'll speak to you soon. Bye

28th September 2012 - Clubs by Niamh


Hello, it's Niamh, the hew house captain of St. David. Today, I will be talking aout new clubs for you to join throughout the year.


Code Club - It is free to join but there are only 15 spaces are available. It takes place on a Thursday after school in the ICT suite where you can create new things with Scratch.

Athletics - takes place on Thursdays between 3.15 and 4.15pm. This is open to anyone in Year 4 or above. This is free to join.

Art Club with Miss Cannard takes place in 2C's classroom during Tuesday lunchtimes. This is free to join. Let Miss Cannard know you are interested.

Spanish with Miss Brown. This takes place in her classroom during Monday lunchtimes. It is free to join but only available for children in Years 5 and 6.

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing is a really good way to get fit and healthy! This will take place on a Thursday after school between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock. Irish dancing is open to boys and girls throughout the school. If you do decide to join, you will be learning different steps from a helper or from Julie (the dance teacher). When you get really good, you will go to a feis (a competition) and when you do a feis, you get a medal or a trophy if you work really hard. There are really important feises, for example:

The All Irelands
and biggest of all is called the 'World Championships'.

I hope you can join one of these clubs and I hope to see you soon!

21st September 2012 - Welcome from Maja!


Hello again, it's Maja. Next week is Languages Week. We are going to have the opportunity to learn some European languages. It would be nice if everyone learnt at least a few words. I shall be giving lessons in Polish as this is my second language. My mum will also take part in this event reading some popular children's stories. Take care and remember... BE GOOD AND KEEP ON COLLECTING THOSE HOUSE POINTS!!

14th September 2012 - Welcome to our blog!


Hello! My name is Maja and I am the house captain of St. George. At first, when I heard that I had been named house captain, I was shocked but I recoverred. I will be writing more next week.


Hello! My name is Niamh and I am the house captain of St. David. At assembly, I felt shocked as I thought it would be someone else. I kept saying her name and as the photo was revealed, I blushed. I will be writing more next week!

Hey! My name is Michael and I am the house captain of St. Patrick. I thought it wasn't going to be me but it was! It's going to be fun but challenging. Speak to you soon!


Hello! My name is Isabella. I am the house captain of St. Andrew. I was shocked when it was revealed in assembly. I couldn't believe I am the house captain. I am really pleased for all of the house captains.

House Captains and Vice Captains for 2012/13


We all discussed in Assembly the jobs our House Captains and Vice Captains would have to do and also the sort of qualities they would need as people to be good House leaders.


We want our House leaders to be kind, understanding, good listeners, good public speakers, good at leading, helpful and nice.


We decided that their jobs should include setting good examples, leading House point collections and Houses sport and encouraging, helping and looking after their House members.


We wish the best of luck to our new House leaders who are:-


St. Andrew:

House Captain: Isabella Cole
Vice Captain: Matthew Higgins 
KS1 Captain: Nissi Aboagye 
KS1 Vice Captain: Laura Magona


St. David:

House Captain: Niamh Taylor 
Vice Captain:Sapphire Costello 
KS1 Captain: Jacob Palmer 
KS1 Vice Captain: Ella Heritage


St. George:

House Captain: Maja Kordula 
Vice Captain: Joshua Rust 
KS1 Captain: Michael Ogbaki 
KS1 Vice Captain: Natalya Bozkurt


St. Patrick:

House Captain: Michael Harvey 
Vice Captain: Eddie Standen 
KS1 Captain: Jason Fernando 
KS1 Vice Captain: Haydn Nesbitt